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Dapo Akande appointed advisor to American Law Institute and Tallinn Manual

Professor Dapo Akande has become the third member of the Faculty of Law to appointed to an international advisory panel of the American Law Institute […]

March Law Open Days 2015

The Faculty of Law held Open Days in the middle of March […]

Professor Ewan Gordon McKendrick has been awarded QC honoris causa

Professor Ewan Gordon McKendrick is a legal academic and barrister […]

Independent Directors in Singapore: Puzzling Compliance Requiring Explanation

This lecture, the second in the Commercial Law Centre series, was given by Dr […]

Shaping Policy for the Future: Human Rights for Future Generations (HRFG) Programme

The HRFG programme was recently awarded the third policy paper project commissioned by the Oxford Martin School, late last year (2014) […]

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forthcoming events

Saturday 25 April: Oxford Law in Vienna, Professor Stefan Enchelmaier - Oxford Faculty of Law

Tuesday 28 April: The Shifting Nature of Work and Its Implications, Justice Michael Walton, Industrial Court of New South Wales

Ancient Greece: property records and the development of market relations, Edward Harris, Durham/Edinburgh

Wednesday 29 April: The Right to Privacy: A Genealogy, Alice Schneider, DPhil Candidate, Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, Oxford

Abortion and Reasonable Disagreement, Dr Jeremy Williams, Birmingham University

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