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Friday 7 February 2014

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Start Finish Room Title
09:0011:00Baker McKenzieFHS: Environmental Law Lectures
Dr E. Fisher
09:4510:45Seminar FCriminal Justice & Human Rights Tutorial
Marija Jovanovic
10:0011:00GulbenkianFHS Land Law: Registration
Mr R.J. Smith
10:0011:30Seminar DJurisprudence Tutorials
Raquel Barradas de Freitas
10:0011:30Seminar GFHS Public International Law Tutorials
Dr M. Dawidowicz
10:0011:00White & Case Lecture RoomFHS Criminology and Criminal Justice Lectures
Prof. I. Loader
11:0013:00Law Board Room BCL/MJUR Comparative Human Rights Seminars
Mr N.C. Bamforth
11:0012:30Seminar E - The CubeFHS European Human Rights: Human Rights and the Parliament
Mr M. Hunt
12:0014:00SCREmpirical Legal Studies
Paul Troop
12:0014:00White & Case Lecture RoomJurisprudence Discussion Group
David Frydrych
12:3014:00Seminar E - The CubeCompetition Law Guest Lecture
13:0015:00Law Board Room BCL/MJUR Comparative and European Corporate Law Lectures
Prof. J. Armour
13:0015:00Seminar DFHS Taxation Law Lectures/Classes
Dr G. Loutzenhiser
13:0014:00Seminar FNew Dean Faculty Consultation
Liz Fisher & Ed Simpson
14:0015:00GulbenkianMODS A Roman Introduction to Private Law: Obligations: Delict
Mr B. Spagnolo
14:0015:00Seminar E - The CubeFHS Medical Law and Ethics Lectures
Prof. J.J.W. Herring
14:0015:00White & Case Lecture RoomBCL/MJUR Personal Taxation: Annual Payments and Settlements
Mr R.J. Smith
15:0016:00GulbenkianFHS Tort: Occupiers' Liability
Ms S. Green
15:0017:00Law Board Room BCL/MJUR Constitutional Principles of the EU Seminars
Dr P. Eleftheriadis
15:0017:00SCR"A discussion on Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, and the Politics of Sexuality in India"
Tarun Khaitan/Medha Srivastava
15:0017:00Seminar E - The CubeBCL/MJUR Corporate Insolvency Law Seminars
Prof. J. Armour
16:0019:00Baker McKenzieCourse 2: Introduction to Spanish Law and Method (second year undergraduates)
Dr J. García Oliva
16:0017:00GulbenkianMODS Criminal Law: Defences
Prof. A. Simester
17:0019:00Seminar E - The CubeBCL/MJUR Commercial Remedies Seminars
Mr P. Davies, Prof. R. Stevens

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