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Bodleian Law Library

Interior of theBodleian Law LibraryAs part of the The Bodleian Libraries, the Bodleian Law Library benefits from the deposit of legal materials published in Great Britain , and shares in the advantages of being part of the largest university library in the country. The Law Library has a close relationship with the Faculty and occupies the same building, the St Cross Building.

Unlike some other parts of the The Bodleian Libraries, the Law Library offers almost all of its holdings - some 440,000 items - on open shelves in a purpose-built space. As well as meeting the needs of undergraduate law students, the library serves a large community of postgraduate readers and academics in their research requirements. In particular it has excellent US, French, German and Commonwealth materials, strong European and international law collections, and extensive holdings in the philosophy and sociology of law, criminology and Roman law.

To complement the paper collection, the law library provides extensive networked online legal resources, with databases from many jurisdictions and covering many legal topics. The full listing can be viewed online and these resources are accessible from any location throughout the world.

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