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May 2015

Data privacy laws in Asia compared with Europe
Speaker: Professor Graham Greenleaf, Professor of Law & Information Systems, UNSW Australia and Co-Director, Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII)
Oxford Law Faculty White and Case Room at 13:00
Google Spain and the Future of Data Protection on the Internet
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Speaker: Dr David Erdos, University Lecturer in Law and the Open Society, Fellow in Law, Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge
Oxford Law Faculty SCR (Law Faculty) at 13:00

April 2015

The Right to Privacy: A Genealogy
Speaker: Alice Schneider, DPhil Candidate, Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, Oxford
Oxford Law Faculty SCR (Law Faculty) at 12:00

March 2015

Enhancing Privacy Impact Assessments for Emerging Internet Technologies: Privacy risk assessment and mitigation in practice
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Speaker: Bendert Zevenbergen, DPhil Candidate, Oxford Internet Institute
Oxford Law Faculty SCR (Law Faculty) at 12:00

February 2015

Understanding and Fighting Malicious Activity on Online Social Networks
Speaker: Dr Gianluca Stringhini (Assistant Professor), University College London
Oxford Law Faculty Seminar Room F (Law Faculty) at 12:00

November 2014

Assessing the impacts of surveillance in Europe
Speaker: David Wright, Trilateral Research & Consulting
Oxford Law Faculty Law Faculty SCR at 12:00

October 2014

Common themes and diverse approaches to privacy laws in 101 countries
Speaker: Stewart Dresner, Chief Executive, Privacy Laws & Business
Oxford Law Faculty Law Faculty SCR at 12:00
Droning on about journalism: remotely piloted aircraft and newsgathering
Speaker: Dr David Goldberg
Oxford Law Faculty SCR at 12:00

March 2013

Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Personal Genome Testing and Consumers' Rights - What Are You Signing Up to When You Purchase a DTC Genetic Test?
Speaker: Andelka Phillips, HeLEX & St. Hilda's College
Balliol College Massey Room at 16:30

February 2013

Challenges of Data Protection and Openness: Commonalities and Contrasts Across the European Union
Speaker: David Erdos, Socio-Legal Studies & Balliol College
Balliol College Massey Room at 16:30
Drones and Privacy
Speaker: David Goldberg, Associate Fellow, Centre for Socio-Legal Studies
Balliol College Massey Room at 16:30

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