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Oxford Privacy Information Law and Society

About the Group

(OxPILS) Discussion Group promotes research and scholarly activity in the emerging areas of privacy, data protection and the regulation and capture of information. This group was not running last year, but is being revived for the coming academic year. The group was founded by Dr David Erdos. 

Please email Andelka Phillips if you are interested in getting involved with the group.


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If you are interested in this area, please also check the websites for Oxford's Cyber Security Centre and the Internet Institute, which also have seminars on related topics.

Convenor: Andelka Phillips

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Forthcoming Group Events

May 2015

Developments in Data Protection
Speaker: Dr David Erdos, University Lecturer in Law and the Open Society, Fellow in Law, Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge
Oxford Law Faculty TBA at 12:00

Previous Group Events

March 2015

Enhancing Privacy Impact Assessments for Emerging Internet Technologies: Privacy risk assessment and mitigation in practice
Additional information
Speaker: Bendert Zevenbergen, DPhil Candidate, Oxford Internet Institute
Oxford Law Faculty SCR (Law Faculty) at 12:00

February 2015

Understanding and Fighting Malicious Activity on Online Social Networks
Speaker: Dr Gianluca Stringhini (Assistant Professor), University College London
Oxford Law Faculty Seminar Room F (Law Faculty) at 12:00

November 2014

Assessing the impacts of surveillance in Europe
Speaker: David Wright, Trilateral Research & Consulting
Oxford Law Faculty Law Faculty SCR at 12:00

October 2014

Common themes and diverse approaches to privacy laws in 101 countries
Speaker: Stewart Dresner, Chief Executive, Privacy Laws & Business
Oxford Law Faculty Law Faculty SCR at 12:00
Droning on about journalism: remotely piloted aircraft and newsgathering
Speaker: Dr David Goldberg
Oxford Law Faculty SCR at 12:00

March 2013

Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Personal Genome Testing and Consumers' Rights - What Are You Signing Up to When You Purchase a DTC Genetic Test?
Speaker: Andelka Phillips, HeLEX & St. Hilda's College
Balliol College Massey Room at 16:30

February 2013

Challenges of Data Protection and Openness: Commonalities and Contrasts Across the European Union
Speaker: David Erdos, Socio-Legal Studies & Balliol College
Balliol College Massey Room at 16:30
Drones and Privacy
Speaker: David Goldberg, Associate Fellow, Centre for Socio-Legal Studies
Balliol College Massey Room at 16:30

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