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Oxford v Cambridge Clifford Chance Roman Law Moot Court Competition

The Oxford v Cambridge Clifford Chance Roman Law Moot Court Competition brings together students who have an interest in Roman Law from two ancient rivals: the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. The objective of the Varsity Roman Law Moot is primarily educational: it assists students in comprehending a compulsory course in the Oxford and Cambridge syllabus. However, it is also a very enjoyable social and intellectual event for the team of four undergraduate students from each University, and for the coaches and academics involved. The moot problem typically involves a mixture of issues and disputes in the field of Roman private law, including delict, contract and property law.



The Varsity Roman Law Moot, which is held alternately in Oxford and in Cambridge, takes place in Trinity Term; the problem is released at the beginning of Trinity. For further details, contact the Mooting Programme at

Useful references: The Roman Law Library

  • This competition is open to undergraduate students.

See the External mooting competitions team selection policy


Oxford Hosts 2014 Varsity Roman Law Moot

The eighth annual Oxford v Cambridge Clifford Chance LLP Roman Law Moot Court Competition was held in Oxford on 16 June […]

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