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International Roman Law Moot Court Competition

Inaugurated in 2008, the International Roman Law Moot Court Competition was the idea of Oxford graduate Dr Paschalis Paschalidis and Mr Michalis Lychounas, Director of the Institute Mohamed Ali for the Research of the Eastern Tradition (IMARET). The purpose of the Moot is to bring together students and academics from different European jurisdictions and to promote the study of Roman law and the common legal inheritance of Europe.

In teams of four, undergraduate students from eight leading universities – currently the Universities of Athens, Cambridge, Liège, Naples, Oxford, Trier, Tübingen and Vienna – conduct research and present legal argument on a problem involving complex issues of Roman private law, set during the reign of the Emperor Justinian I. The Moot offers a unique opportunity to debate fundamental concepts of Roman delict, contract and property law, as developed by the Roman jurists and applied by modern courts.

The first five instalments of the Moot were organised under the auspices of the IMARET, which is a non-governmental organisation based in Kavala, Greece, devoted to promoting the common heritage of Mediterranean countries. Under the auspices of the IMARET, the Moot was privileged to stage the Small and Grand Finals in the Justinianic Roman Forum at the archaeological site of Philippi.

In 2013, the Moot was held outside Greece for the first time. The University of Oxford hosted the sixth International Roman Law Moot Court Competition in April, at venues in the St Cross Building, All Souls College, Magdalen College and Christ Church. The Moot is set to return to Oxford next year, when the Seventh IRLM will again be held at the start of April.


(l to r) Hollie Higgins (Worcester), Fatima Zafar (Merton), Alexandra Baumgart (St Hilda's) and Tara Beattie (Pembroke) at the ancient Roman forum of Philippi for the 5th International Roman Law Moot Court Competition (2012).

This moot is traditionally held in late March or early April, during the Easter vacation. The Sixth International Roman Law Moot Court Competition took place from 7 to 10 April 2013. The Seventh IRLM will take place during the week of 31 March 2014. For further details, contact Benjamin Spagnolo at

Sixth IRLM (2013) Report

Useful references: The Roman Law Library

  • This competition is open to undergraduate students.


7th International Roman Law Moot

The International Roman Law Moot Court Competition returned to Oxford for its seventh instalment in 2014 […]

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