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Professor Hugh Collins elected to the Vinerian Professorship of English Law

Hugh Collins has been appointed by the University as the new Vinerian Professor of English Law. Professor Collins will succeed Professor Andrew Ashworth in the Vinerian Chair from October 2013. Professor Collins will be a Fellow of All Souls College.

Professor Collins joins the Faculty of Law from the London School of Economics,  where he has been Professor of English Law since 1991. He studied law at Oxford and Harvard and was previously a Fellow of Brasenose College. He has also visited and taught in several American law schools, including Boston University and New York University, and conducted extended periods of research at Harvard and the University of Virginia. Professor Collins’s research interests lie in three main fields: employment law, contract and commercial law, and legal theory.

The Vinerian Professorship, first held by Sir William Blackstone, was established at All Souls in the 1750s and is the oldest professorship in the law of any common law jurisdiction. Previous holders of the Chair include Albert Dicey, Sir Rupert Cross, and Sir Guenter Treitel.

published Monday 21 January 2013

This item expired on 01/01/2014 and no longer appears in our main news index.

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