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Faculty Officers in 2014-15

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office held

Hugh Collins
Acting Dean of the Faculty and Chair of the Law Board HT & TT 2015
Timothy Endicott
Dean of the Faculty; Chair of the Law Board, ex officio
Liz Fisher
Vice-Chair of the Law Board
Judith Freedman
Development Co-ordinator
Alan Bogg
Director of Graduate Studies (Research)
Mindy Chen-Wishart
Director of Graduate Studies (Taught Programmes)
Rebecca Williams
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Dev Gangjee
Director, Diploma in IP Law & Practice
Alexandra Braun
Academic Director of Undergraduate Exchange Programmes
Roderick Bagshaw
Director of Examinations
Sarah Green
Admissions Co-ordinator
Edwin Peel
Access Co-ordinator
Dan Awrey
Director, Masters in Law and Finance
Hugh Collins
Co-ordinator of Research
Simon Douglas
Director of the Course in Legal Research Methods (CLRM)
James Goudkamp
Mooting Co-ordinator
Ariel Ezrachi
Teaching and Learning Advisor
Roderick Bagshaw
Harassment Officer
Susan Bright
Harassment Officer
Jacob Rowbottom
Communications Officer
Carolyn Hoyle
Director of the Centre for Criminology
Ben Bradford
Director of Graduate Studies (Research): Criminology
Ian Loader
Director of Graduate Studies (Taught Programmes): Criminology
Julian Roberts
Chair of Admissions (Criminology)
Marina Kurkchiyan
Acting Director of the Centre for Socio-legal Studies
Fernanda Pirie
Deputy Director of the Centre for Socio-legal Studies
Fernanda Pirie
Director of Graduate Studies for Centre for Socio-Legal Studies
Stefan Vogenauer
Director of the Institute for European and Comparative Law
Graeme Dinwoodie
Director of the Intellectual Property Research Centre
Ariel Ezrachi
Director of the Centre for Competition Law and Policy
Rachel Condry
Chair of Examiners: MSc in Criminology

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