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Andrew W. Mellon Associate Professorship in International Human Rights and Refugee Law

Cathryn Costello holds the Andrew W. Mellon Associate Professorship in International Human Rights and Refugee Law, at the Refugee Studies Centre, Oxford, with a fellowship at St Antony's College. From 2003-2013, she was Francis Reynolds Fellow & Tutor in EU & Public law at Worcester College, Oxford, during which time she also completed her DPhil studies on EU asylum and immigration law.  She has taught a range of public and EU law courses on the Oxford undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum.  She began her academic career in 1998 as Lecturer in European Law at the Law School, Trinity College Dublin, and from 2000-2003, she also held the position of Director of the Irish Centre for European Law.   She has been a Visiting Professor at the University of San Francisco and a visiting research fellow at NYU School of Law.  

Cathryn has published widely on many aspects of EU and human rights law, including asylum and refugee law, immigration, EU Citizenship and third country national family members, family reunification and immigration detention.  Her current research includes a monograph on EU immigration and asylum law due to be published in OUP’s Studies in European Law series, and an edited collection (with Professor Mark Freedland, St John's College) from the Migrants at Work Project, exploring intersections between immigration law and labour law.

She is also an Associate Director of the Oxford Human Rights Hub, which aims to bring together academics, practitioners, and policy-makers from across the globe to advance the understanding and protection of human rights and equality.  


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Journal Articles


C Costello, 'Courting Access to Asylum in Europe: Recent Supranational Jurisprudence Explored ' (2012) Human Rights Law Review 287

C Costello, 'Human Rights & the Elusive Universal Subject: Immigration Detention under International Human Rights and EU Law ' (2012) Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 257

C Costello, 'The Ruling of the Court of Justice in NS/ME on the fundamental rights of asylum seekers under the Dublin Regulation: Finally, an end to blind trust across the EU?' (2012) Asiel- en Migrantenrecht 83


C Costello, 'Metock: Free Movement and “Normal Family Life" in the Union ' (2009) Common Market Law Review 587


C Costello, 'The Bosphorus Ruling of the ECHR: Fundamental Rights and Blurry Boundaries in Europe' (2006) 6(1) Human Rights Law Review 87

C Costello and G Davies, 'The Case Law of the Court of Justice in the Field of Sex Equality Since 2000' (2006) Common Market Law Review 1567 [...]

Thematic review and evaluation of ECJ caselaw on sex equality from 2000 to 2006, including the general principle of equal treatment / non-discrimination.


C Costello, 'Ireland's Nice Referenda' (2005) 1(3) European Constitutional Law Review 357

C Costello, 'The Asylum Procedures Directive and the Proliferation of Safe Country Practices: Deterrence, Deflection and the Dismantling of International Protection?' (2005) 7(1) European Journal of Migration Law 35



C Costello, 'Article 33 - Family & Professional Life' in Steve Peers, Tamara Hervey, Jeff Kenner and Angela Ward (eds), The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights - A Commentary (Hart Publishing 2014)

C Costello, 'Child Citizens & De Facto Deportation: Tender Years, Fragile Ties & Security of Residence ' in Kieran Bradley, Anthony Whelan and Noel Travers (eds), Of Courts and Constitutions: Liber Amicorum in Honour of Nial Fennelly (Hart Publishing 2014)

Violeta Moreno-Lax and C Costello, 'The Extraterritorial Application of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights: From Territoriality to Facticity, the Effectiveness Model' in Steve Peers, Tamara Hervey, Jeff Kenner and Angela Ward (eds), The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights - A Commentary (Hart Publishing 2014)


C Costello, 'Citizenship of the Union: Above Abuse?' in Rita de la Feria & Stefan Vogenauer (eds), Prohibition of Abuse of Law: A New General Principle of EU Law (Hart Publishing 2011)


C Costello, 'EC Immigration & Asylum Policymaking: Integrating a Role for the Oireachtas' in Gavin Barrett (ed), National Parliaments and the European Union: The Constitutional Challenge for the Oireachtas and Other Member State Legislatures (Clarus Press, Dublin 2008)

C Costello, 'Implementation of the Procedures Directive (2005/85) in the United Kingdom' in K Zwaan (ed), The Procedures Directive: Central Themes, Problem Issues, and Implementation in Selected Member States (Wolf Legal Publishers 2008)

C Costello and E Brown, 'The EU and the ECHR before European and Irish Courts' in U Kilkelly (ed), ECHR and Irish Law (2nd ed) (Jordans 2008)


C Costello, 'The Asylum Procedures Directive in Legal Context: Equivocal Standards Meet General Principles' in Baldaccini, Guild, Toner (eds), Whose Freedom, Security and Justice? EU immigration and asylum law after 1999 (Hart 2007) [...]

Comprehensive analysis of the interaction of the Asylum Procedures Directive with the general principles of EC law, and other procedural guarantees embedded in human rights law more generally.


C Costello, 'Administrative Governance and the Europeanisation of Asylum and Immigration Policy' in H Hofmann and A Türk (eds), EU Administrative Governance (Elgar Publishing 2006)


C Costello, 'Accidents of Place and Parentage: Birthright Citizenship and Border Crossings' in The Citizenship Referendum: Implications for the Constitution and Human Rights (Law School TCD, Dublin 2004)

C Costello and E Brown, 'ECHR and the European Union' in U Kilkelly (ed), ECHR and Irish Law (Jordans, Dublin 2004) [...]

examines the position of the ECHR in EC law, and how the ECtHR reviews EC/ EU measures

ISBN: 0 853089264


C Costello, 'Gender Equalities and the European Union Charter of Fundamental Rights' in Hervey & Kenner (eds), Economic and Social Rights under the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union (Hart Publishing 2003)

Edited books


C Costello and E Barry (eds), Equality in Diversity: The New EC Equality Directives (ICEL / Equality Authority Dublin 2003)

Internet Publications


C Costello, 'UK Migration Policy and EU Law' (2011) The Migration Observatory at the University of Oxford, Policy Primer Series



L Lazarus, C Costello, K Ziegler and N Ghanea, 'Report on the evolution of Fundamental Rights Charters and Caselaw: A comparison of the EU, Council of Europe and UN Systems ' (2011)


C Costello, 'Report on Improving the Quality and Consistency of Asylum Decisions in the Council of Europe member states for the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly' (2009)


I Bacik, C Costello and E Drew, 'Gender InJustice: Towards the Feminisation of the Legal Professions?' (Law School, TCD, Dublin 431 2003)

Research Projects

The Oxford Human Rights Hub

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Oxford Human Rights Hub

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