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Graduate Taught Course Prizes

The following prizes are awarded to the graduate student who in the opinion of the examiners submits the best paper in the particular BCL/MJur MLF subject.

Allen & Overy

Prize for Corporate Finance

Allen & Overy

Prize for Transnational Commercial Law

Allen & Overy

Prize for Corporate Insolvency Law 

Clifford Chance

Overall best student in MJur

Clifford Chance

Prize for Principles of Civil Procedure

Gray’s Inn Tax Chambers

Personal Taxation prize

Herbert Hart Prize of Oxford University Press

Prize for Jurisprudence and Political Theory

John Morris

Prize for Conflict of Laws


Prize for Corporate and Business Taxation

Monckton Chambers

Competition Law prize

Ralph Chiles

Comparative Human Rights prize

Rupert Cross

Prize for Evidence

Vinerian Scholarship

Best overall performance in the BCL

Vinerian Scholarship

Proxime Accessit

The Peter Birks Prize

Restitution of Unjust Enrichment

The Winter Williams

Prize for International Economic Law

The Winter Williams

Prize for European Business Regulation


Faculty Prizes - there are a number of faculty prizes for specific subjects not already covered by the above list.

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