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Alexandra Braun is an Associate Professor of Law based at Lady Margaret Hall and a Research Fellow at the Institute of European and Comparative Law. Prior to joining LMH she was a Supernumerary Teaching Fellow and a Junior Research Fellow in Law at St. John's College, Oxford. She received her BA and LLM degree from the University of Genoa (Italy) and holds a PhD in Comparative Private Law from the University of Trento (Italy). Since September 2014 she is also a Deputy Director of the Institute of European and Comparative Law in Oxford and the Academic Director of Undergraduate Exchange Programmes. 

Her teaching interests include Comparative Private Law and Legal History as well as some core areas of private law such as Trust Law, Succession Law and Contract Law. Currently, she teaches  undergraduate courses on A Roman Introduction to Private Law, Trust Law, Land Law and Comparative Private Law as well as the BCL/MJur course Advanced Property and Trusts.

Her main research interests lie in the field of Comparative Law, European Private Law and Legal History, as well as areas of private law such as Contract Law, Succession Law and the Law of Trusts.


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Journal Articles


A Braun, 'Formal and Informal Testamentary Promises: A Historical and Comparative Perspective' (2012) The Rabel Journal of Comparative and International Private Law 994

A Braun, 'Towards a Greater Autonomy for Testators and Heirs: Some Reflections on Recent Reforms in France, Belgium and Italy' (2012) Zeitschrift für Europäisches Privatrecht 461


A Braun, 'Trusts in the Draft Common Frame of Reference: The ‘Best Solution’ For Europe? ' (2011) 70 Cambridge Law Journal 327


A Braun, 'Burying the Living? The Citation of Legal Writings in English Courts' (2010) 58 American Journal of Comparative Law 27


A Braun, 'Professors and Judges in Italy: it Takes Two to Tango' (2006) 26(4) Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 665

A Braun, 'Quando un trust è sham: Brevi riflessioni su recenti sviluppi giurisprudenziali in Inghilterra e sull’isola di Jersey' (2006) Trusts e attività fiduciarie 346


A Braun, 'Caught in the crossfire: is the Liechtenstein Treuhänderschaft a trust or a treuhand' (2004) 18 Trust Law International 26


A Braun, 'La Treuhänderschaft del Liechtenstein: origine e natura giuridica alla luce dei recenti sviluppi giurisprudenziali' (2001) Trusts e attività fiduciarie 358


A Braun, 'I trusts di garanzia in Germania' (2000) Trusts & attività fiduciarie 36

A Braun, 'I trusts interni' (2000) Rivista di diritto civile 573

A Braun, 'L’evoluzione del trust nel diritto consuetudinario sudafricano' (2000) Trusts & attività fiduciarie 358



A Braun, Giudici e Accademia nell\'esperienza inglese. Storia di un dialogo (Mulino 2006) [...]

Abstract: A study of the rise of a legal academic profession in England and its relationship with the judiciary. The work investigates whether the role of legal scholarship can still be defined as one of the cardinal differences between the English and the continental legal traditions. The first part of the book traces the history of the formation of a community of legal academics in England from the nineteenth century to the present day, thereby reconstructing the role of the English universities in legal education (Chapter 1). Emphasis is placed on the impact the emergence of the community had on the development of both legal education (Chapter 2) and legal literature (Chapter 3), as well as on the transformation of English legal scholarship over the last three decades (Chapter 4). The second part of the book is dedicated to the study of the relationship between the community of legal academics and the judiciary and its development since the late nineteenth century. As well as an examination of the role and nature of the famous ‘books of authority’ (Chapter 5) and the impact of the traditional convention forbidding the ‘citation of living authors’ (Chapter 6), the second part of the book consists largely of an analysis of the way English judges communicate with the academic profession and the changes in the citation practice of English courts. Attention is also paid to the different ways legal academics assist judges in the decision-making process (Chapter 7). Furthermore, two particular branches of law, restitution and criminal law, are analysed in an attempt to show how academics have contributed to their development (Chapter 8). Finally, the developments in England are placed within the context of the role of academic lawyers in other European legal systems. This book has been reviewed in: (2008) 1 Revista Catalana de Dret Privat (Antoni Vaquer) (forthcoming) (2008) Rivista di diritto comparato pubblico ed europeo (Alessandro Torre) (forthcoming) (2008) 125 Zeitschrift für Rechtsgeschichte (Filippo Ranieri) (forthcoming) (2007) Anuario de Derecho Civil, Tomo LX, fasc. III, 1404 (Esther Arroyo i Amayuelas) (2007) 66 Cambridge Law Journal 474 (John Bell) (2007) 123 Law Quarterly Review 654 (Michele Graziadei) (2006) 55 American Journal of Comparative Law 197 (Patrick Glenn) Selected as one of the ‘Law Books of the Year 2007’ in Germany: (2007) 46 Neue Juristische Wochenschrift, 3332.

ISBN: 8815113487



A Braun, 'The State of the Art of Comparative Research in the Area of Trusts' in M Graziadei and LD Smith (eds), Research Handbook on Comparative Property Law (Edward Elgar Publishing 2016) (forthcoming)


A Braun, 'Intestate Succession in Italy' in K.G.C. Reid, M.J. De Waal and R. Zimmermann (eds), Comparative Succession Law: Vol. II. Intestate Succession (OUP, Oxford 2015) (forthcoming)


A Braun, 'The Framing of a European Law of Trusts' in L. Smith (ed), The Worlds of the Trust (CUP, Cambridge 2013)


A Braun and W Swadling, 'Management Devices: Trust, Treuhand, Fiducie' in S van Erp and B Akkermans (eds), Cases, Materials and Text on Property Law (Ius Commune Casebooks for the Common Law of Europe (general ed. W. van Gerven), Hart Publishing, Oxford 2012)

A Braun, 'Testamentary Freedom and its Restrictions in French and Italian Law: Trends and Shifts' in R. Zimmermann (ed), Freedom of Testation/Testierfreiheit (Mohr Siebeck 2012)

A Braun, 'The English Codification Debate and the Role of Jurists in the Development of Legal Doctrines' in M. Lobban and J. Moses (eds), The Impact of Ideas on Legal Development (series of Comparative Studies of the Development of Tort Law in Europe) (CUP, Cambridge 2012)


A Braun, 'Italy: the trust interno ' in D. Hayton (ed), The International Trust (3rd edn) (Jordans, Bristol 2011)

A Braun, 'Testamentary Formalities in Italy' in Kenneth G C Reid, Marius J de Waal, and Reinhard Zimmermann (eds), Comparative Succession Law Volume I: Testamentary Formalities (OUP 2011)


A Braun, 'Judges and Academics: Features of a Partnership' in J Lee (ed), From House of Lords to Supreme Court. Judges, Jurists and the Process of Judging (Hart Publishing, Oxford 2010)


A Braun, 'El trust en Italia: aplicaciones en el ámbito del derecho de la persona y de la familia' in Esther Arroyo i Amayuelas (ed), El trust en el Derecho civil (Bosch, Barcelona 2007)

A Braun, 'Revocability of Mutual Wills' in Kenneth G C Reid, Marius J de Waal and Reinhard Zimmermann (eds) (eds), Exploring the Law of Succession: Studies National, Historical and Comparative (Edinburgh Studies in Law, vol. 5, Edinburgh University Press 2007)


A Braun, 'Italy' in J. Glasson and G. Thomas (eds), The International Trust (2nd edn) (Jordans, Bristol 2006)

A Braun, 'L'elemento contrattuale nei testamenti concordati: appunti sull'evoluzione storica nel diritto tedesco e inglese' in M. Lupoi (ed), Le situazioni affidanti (Giappichelli, Torino 2006)


A Braun, 'Austria' in F Brunetta d'Usseaux (ed), Il diritto di famiglia nell'Unione Europea (Giuffré, Milano 2005)


A Braun, 'La giurisprudenza italiana sui trust' in M Dogliotti and A Braun (eds), Il trust nel diritto delle persone e della famiglia (Giuffré, Milano 2003)


A Braun, 'Doveri di comportamento nei confronti di bambini: dalle Verkehrssicherungspflichten tedesche al duty of care inglese' in A. Braun (ed) (ed), Dalla Disgrazia al danno (Giuffré, Milano 2002)

Edited books


A Braun (ed), Il trust nel diritto delle persone e della famiglia (Giuffré, Milano 2003)


A Braun (ed), Dalla Disgrazia al danno (Giuffré, Milano 2002)



A Braun, '‘An Italian Perspective’ ' (2011) Edinburgh Law Review 475


Will-Substitutes from a Comparative Perspective – a conference

Lady Margaret Hall was the venue for the highly successful two-day ‘Will-Substitutes from a Comparative Perspective’ conference held on 27 and 28 March 2015 […]


Teaching: Contract; Roman Law; Trusts; Land Law; Advanced Property and Trusts; Comparative Private Law

Research: Comparative Trusts and Succession Law, European Private Law, European Legal History and Comparative Law

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Lady Margaret Hall

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