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Associate Professor of Law and Finance

Dan Awrey is an Associate Professor of Law and Finance and Academic Director of the MSc in Law and Finance programme.  Dan's teaching and research interests reside in the area of financial regulation and, more specifically, the regulation of banks, investment funds, derivatives markets, and financial market infrastructure.  He has undertaken research and provided advice at the request of organizations including HM Treasury, the UK Financial Conduct Authority, the Commonwealth Secretariat, and the European Securities and Markets Authority.

Before entering academia, Dan served as legal counsel to a global investment management firm and, prior to that, as an associate practicing corporate finance and securities law with a major Canadian law firm.  He holds degrees from Queen's University (B.A., LL.B.), the University of Toronto (LL.M.) and Oxford University (D.Phil.). 



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Journal Articles

D Awrey, 'Law and Finance in the Chinese Shadow Banking System' (2015) 48 Cornell International Law Journal [forthcoming]

D Awrey, 'The Limits of Private Ordering Within Modern Financial Markets' (2015) 34:1 Review of Banking and Financial Law 183

D Awrey, W Blair and D Kershaw, 'Between Law and Markets: Is there a Role for Culture and Ethics in Financial Regulation?' (2013) 38:1 Delaware Journal of Corporate Law 191

D Awrey, 'Toward a Supply-side Theory of Financial Innovation' (2013) 41:2 Journal of Comparative Economics 401

D Awrey, 'Complexity, Innovation and the Regulation of Modern Financial Markets' (2012) 2:2 Harvard Business Law Review 235

D Awrey, 'Regulating Financial Innovation: A More Principles-based Alternative?' (2011) 5:2 Brooklyn Journal of Corporate, Financial and Commercial Law 273

D Awrey, 'The Limits of EU Hedge Fund Regulation' (2011) 5:2 Law and Financial Markets Review 119

D Awrey, 'The Dynamics of OTC Derivatives Regulation: Bridging the Public-Private Divide' (2010) 11:2 European Business Organization Law Review 155

D Awrey, 'The FSA, Integrated Regulation and the Curious Case of OTC Derivatives' (2010) 13:1 University of Pennsylvania Journal of Business Law 101

D Awrey, 'Principles, Prescriptions and Polemics: Regulating Conflicts of Interest in the Canadian Investment Fund Industry' (2009) 32 Dalhousie Law Journal 69

D Awrey and Henry Dinsdale, 'Secondary Picketing in Canada: Thoughts for the Pepsi Generation' (2004) 29 Queen's Law Journal 789


D Awrey and David Kershaw, 'Toward a More Ethical Culture in Finance: Governance and Regulatory Strategies' in Nicholas Morris and David Vines (eds), Capital Failure: Rebuilding Trust in Financial Services (Oxford University Press 2014) [...]


D Awrey, 'Macro-Prudential Financial Regulation: Panacea or Placebo?' (2009) 3 Amsterdam Law Forum 17

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