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Mark Freedland

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Emeritus Professor of Employment Law

Mark Freedland is a Reader in Employment Law with the title of Professor; his university teaching is in the fields of Labour Law, International and European Employment Law, and Comparative Public Law.

He is also a Fellow and one of the Law Tutors at St John's College. He has acted as the Director of Graduate Studies for the Law Faculty, as Vice-Chair of the Law Board, and as Director of the Institute of European and Comparative Law: he is currently a Deputy Director of the IECL and is the Convenor responsible for organising the Course in Legal Research Method. In recent years he has held visiting professorships at the Universities of Paris I, and Paris II.


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Journal Articles


M R Freedland, 'Employment equality and personal work relations – a critique of Jivraj v Hashwani' (2012) 56 Industrial Law Journal


M R Freedland, 'From the Contract of Employment to the Personal Work Nexus' (2006) 35(1) Industrial Law Journal 1



M R Freedland and N Kountouris, The Legal Construction of Personal Work Relations (OUP 2011)


M R Freedland, P Craig, C Jacqueson and N Kountouris, Public Employment Services in European Law (OUP 2007)

M R Freedland and PL Davies, Towards a Flexible Labour Market – Labour Legislation and Regulation since the 1990s (OUP 2007)


M R Freedland, S Sciarra and P Davies, Employment Policy and the Regulation of Part-Time Work in the European Union: A Comparative Analysis (CUP 2004)


M R Freedland, The Personal Employment Contract (OUP 2003)

M R Freedland, The Public Law/Private Law Divide -- Une entente assez cordiale? (Hart Publishing 2003) [...]

Edited with Jean-Bernard Auby


M R Freedland, S Fredman and C McCrudden, An EU Charter of Fundamental Rights (Sweet and Maxwell 2000)


M R Freedland and PL Davies, Labour Legislation and Public Policy: a Contemporary History (Clarendon Law Series, Oxford 1993)

M R Freedland, Le cadre juridique des relations du travail et de la protection sociale en Grande Bretagne (Collection Jupiter, Paris 1993)


M R Freedland and PL Davies, Labour Law - Text and Materials (1979) 2nd edition (Weidenfelds 1984)


M R Freedland and PL Davies, Kahn-Freund's Labour and the Law (3rd edition) (Sweet and Maxwell 1983)


M R Freedland and PL Davies, Transfer of Employment (Sweet and Maxwell 1982)


M R Freedland, The Contract of Employment (Clarendon Press, Oxford 1976)


M R Freedland, Attachment of Earnings (Jordans, London 1972)



M R Freedland, 'The Legal Characterization of Personal Work Relations and the Idea of Labour Law' in Davidov and Langille (eds), Idea of Labour Law (OUP 2011)


M R Freedland, 'Employment Law' in Bell, Boyron and Whittaker (eds), Principles of French Law (OUP 2008)


M R Freedland, 'The Evolving Approach to the Public/Private Distinction in English Law' in M.R. Freedland and J.-B. Auby (eds), The Public-Private Divide – Une Entente Assez Cordiale? (Hart Publishing 2006)


M R Freedland, 'Otto Kahn-Freund (1900-1979)' in J Beatson and R Zimmermann (eds), Jurists Uprooted (Oxford University Press 2004) [...]

The chapter on the Father of Labour/Employment Law in the UK in 'Jurists Uprooted'the symposium volume, edited by J Beatson and R Zimmermann, on German-speaking Emigre Lawyers in Twentieth Century Britain

ISBN: 0-19-927058-9

M R Freedland and C Kilpatrick, 'The United Kingdom; how is EU governance transformative?' in Comparative Analysis of Employment Policy and the Regulation of Part-time Work in the European Union (Cambridge University Press 2004) [...]

The chapter on the United Kingdom in a volume of which the author is one of the editors,

ISBN: 0-521-84002-3


M R Freedland, 'Jus Cogens, Jus Dispositivum, and the Law of Personal Work Contracts' in Themes in Comparative Law in Honour of Bernard Rudden (Oxford 2002)

Presentation/Conference contributions


M R Freedland and PL Davies, 'The role of EU employment law and policy in the de-marginalisation of part-time work', paper presented at Cambridge University Press 63 [...]

An overview chapter in a volume of which the author is one of the editors, being a Comparative Analysis of Employment Policy and the Regulation of Part-time Work in the European Union.

ISBN: 0-521-84002-3


M R Freedland, 'Government by Contract Re-examined-- Some Functional Issues', paper presented at Oxford University Press 123 [...]

A chapter on the law and practice of government contracting in 'Law and Administration in Europe - Essays in Honour of Carol Harlow, edited by P Craig and R Rawlings.

ISBN: 0-19-926537-2


Research: Labour Law (especially recent legislative history), The Law of Trusts and Fiduciary Obligations (especially occupational pension schemes), Public Law (especially legal aspects of public administration)

Other details

Correspondence address:

St John's College
Oxford, OX1 3JP

other affiliation(s):

Institute of European and Comparative Law

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