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Associate Professor of Law

Dr Jeremias Prassl read law at Corpus Christi College, Oxford and the University of Paris II (MA) as well as Harvard Law School (LL.M.) before returning to complete an AHRC-funded DPhil at Magdalen College, Oxford (2010-12). He regularly lectures in Paris and Beijing, and has held or is holding visiting posts at Columbia Law School, New York, the Max Planck Institute, Hamburg and University College, London. Prior to taking up his Fellowship at St John’s, Jeremias was a Stipendiary Lecturer at Jesus College, Oxford. His principal research interests are in the fields of Employment Law, European Union Law, and Civil Aviation.

In Employment Law, Jeremias is particularly interested in the application of regulatory norms in fragmenting labour markets. Recent work includes an in-depth analysis of the notion of the employer in multilateral organisational settings (from agency employment to Private Equity portfolio companies) and critiques of the newly introduced notion of employee shareholders. Jeremias also serves on the steering committee of INLACRIS, a European Commission-funded network monitoring changes in Social and Labour Law in response to the financial crisis.

In EU Law, he has set up a series of international comparative workshops on the reception and implementation of landmark CJEU judgments in domestic law, beginning in September 2013 with Cases C-438/05, Viking and C-341/05 Laval. Jeremias is also a member of the editorial team for the Ius Commune Casebook on the Horizontal Effects of Primary EU Law.

His work on the EU Passenger Rights Regulation 261/2004 specialises on the purported exclusivity of the Montreal Convention in regulating air carriers’ contractual liability, and has led to consulting and executive education work in the Civil Aviation industry.


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Journal Articles


J Prassl, 'Reforming Air Passenger Rights in Europe' (2014) 38 Air & Space Law (forthcoming)


J Prassl, '"All in it Together?" Labour Markets in Crisis' (2013) 1 Hungarian Labour Law Journal (forthcoming)

J Prassl, 'A Tale of (Un?)Intended Consequences: Das Vereinigte Königreich in der Krise' (2013) 48 Gesellschaft & Politik (forthcoming)

J Prassl, 'Die Suche nach dem Arbeitgeber im Englischen Recht' (2013) Europäische Zeitschrift für Arbeitsrecht 472

J Prassl, 'Employee Shareholder "Status"? Dismantling the Contract of Employment' (2013) 42 ILJ 307

J Prassl, 'Implementing the New Employee-Shareholder Status' (2013) SJ 9

J Prassl, 'The European Union and The Montreal Convention: A New Analytical Framework' (2013) 12 Issues in Aviation Law and Policy 381

J Prassl, 'The Notion of the Employer' (2013) 129 LQR 380

J Prassl, 'Third Time Lucky? The Proposed Employee-Shareholder Status' (2013) SJ 19


J Prassl, 'Industrial Action at British Airways: A Case Study' (2012) 11 Contemporary Issues in Law 113


J Prassl, 'Quistclose Trusts: In Search of Coherent Answers' (2007) 3 CSLR 51



J Prassl and M Freedland, 'Resolving Ownership Invention Disputes: Limitations of the Contract of Employment' in M Pittard (ed), Business Innovation – A Legal Balancing Act (Elgar 2013)

S Bright, H Glover and J Prassl, 'Tenancy Agreements' in E Simpson and M Stewart (eds), Sham Transactions (OUP 2013)


J Prassl, 'A Kingdom No Longer United?' in B Karl et al (ed), Steirisches Jahrbuch für Politik (Schnider 2012)

N Countouris, M Freedland and J Prassl, 'Social and Labour Law after the Financial Crisis: The UK' in S Laulom and E Mazuyer (eds), Le Droit Social des États Européens Après la Crise (Larcier 2012)

Case Notes


J Prassl, 'Freedom of Contract as a General Principle of EU Law? Transfers of Undertakings and the Protection of Employer Rights in EU Labour Law (Case C-426/11 Alemo Herron v Parkwood Leisure)' (2013) 42 ILJ 434

J Prassl, 'Montreal Exclusivity vs EU law – Round II: Stott v Thomas Cook ' (2013) UK Supreme Court Blog

J Prassl, 'Sturgeon revisited - yet again (Case C-11/11 Air France v Folkerts)' (2013) EUtopia Law Blog

J Prassl, 'Volcanic Ash and "super extraordinary circumstances" (Case C-12/11 McDonagh v Ryanair)' (2013) EUtopia Law Blog


J Prassl and B Havel, 'Reforming Civil Aviation Regulation in the United Kingdom: The Civil Aviation Bill 2011-12' (2012) 11 IALP 1

J Prassl, 'Shared Baggage, Single Interpretation (Case C-410/11 Pedro Sanchez v Iberia)' (2012) EUtopia Law Blog


J Prassl, 'Interpreting Employment Protective Legislation: Gysda Cyf v Barrett' (2011) 40 ILJ 103

J Prassl, 'To Strike, To Serve? British Airways v Unite the Union (Nos 1&2)' (2011) 40 ILJ 82

Working Papers


J Prassl, 'Reforming Air Passenger Rights in the European Union' (EUtopia Law Blog 2013)

J Prassl, 'Regulating Sub-Contracting Through a Functional Definition of the Employer' (NELP/AFL-CIO 2013)


J Prassl, N Countouris and M Freedland, 'Implementing Employee-Owner Status' (IER 2012)


J Prassl and B Gardner, 'Curaçao, the Netherlands Antilles and the Kingdom: A Look Through the Constitutional Prism' (Van Eps Kunneman Van Doorne 2009)


Teaching: European Union Law; Land Law; Labour/Employment Law; Company Law; Corporate Finance; Comparative and European Corporate Law

Research: Employment Law, EU Law, Corporate Law and Finance, Civil Aviation

Other details

Correspondence address:

Magdalen College
High Street, Oxford, OX1 4AU

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