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Research Associate, formerly Professor of Criminology and Fellow of All Souls College, and former Director of the Centre for Criminological Research, All Souls College

He has been a Visiting Professor at the University of Virginia Law School in 1980-82, 1984-90, and from 2005-2011, and Adjunct Professor at City University Hong Kong from 2008 2011 where he taught an intensive short course on international perspectives on the death penalty. In 1986 he received the Sellin-Glueck Award from the American Society of Criminology for 'Distinguished Contributions to Criminology'; in 1992 he was elected a Fellow of the British Academy; and in 1995 was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) 'for services to the study of criminology'; and in 2000 he was appointed an honorary Queen's Counsel. He was sub-Warden of All Souls College from 1994-96, and was College Steward from 1993-2003. From October 2003 to May 2004 he was Distinguished Visiting Professor at the University of Hong Kong. In 2003, a Festschrift entitled The Criminological Foundations of Penal Policy (edited by Lucia Zedner and Andrew Ashworth) was published by Oxford University Press to mark his retirement. He was awarded an Honorary Ll.D by the University of Birmingham in 2008 and by Edinburgh Napier University in 2011. He received the Cesare Beccaria Medal in 2011 from the International Society for Social Defence and a Humane Criminal Policy for his contributions towards the abolition of the death penalty and in 2012 the European Society of Criminology Award ?for a lifetime contribution as a European criminologist?

Since his retirement in 2003 he has lectured on the death penalty in China, Hong Kong, Germany, India, Japan, Malaysia, USA, Slovenia, Switzerland, Spain, Taiwan, Trinidad, and Uganda.

His research has had four main strands: the death penalty; race and sentencing; the parole system; and the history of the emergence of penal policy. The fourth edition of his book The Death Penalty: a Worldwide Perspective (with Carolyn Hoyle) was published by Oxford University Press in April 2008 and has since been translated into Chinese and Persian.

He is currently undertaking a public opinion survey on the mandatory death penalty in Malaysia on behalf of the London-based Death Penalty Project.


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Journal Articles


R G Hood, 'Abolition of the Death Penalty: China in World Perspective' (2009) 1 (1) City University of Hong Kong Law Review 1


R G Hood, 'Capital Punishment: the Commonwealth in World Perspective' (2008) 17 (3) The Commonwealth Lawyer 30


R G Hood, 'Hermann Mannheim and Max Grünhut' (2004) 44(4) British Journal of Criminology [...]

Also published as book chapter in Jurists Uprooted. German Speaking Émigré Lawyers in Twentieth Century Britain


R G Hood, Martina Feilzer, Stephen Shute and Aidan Wilcox, 'Sex offenders emerging from long-term imprisonment. A study of their long-term reconviction rates and Parole Board members judgements of their risk' (2002) 42 British Journal of Criminology 371 [...]

An empirical study which challenges a number of preconceptions about the risks posed by sex offenders who have been sentenced to long terms of imprisonment, as well as the ability of parole board members to identify those who pose the highest risk of being reconvicted.


R G Hood, 'Capital Punishment in Global Perspective' (2001) vol 3, No 3 Punishment and Society 331 [...]

Reviews the extent to which the movement to abolish capital punishment has been successful and discusses some of the influences which have produced a remarkable increase in the number of abolitionist countries in the past two decades.

ISBN: 1462-4745(200107)

R G Hood, 'Penal policy and criminological challenges in the new millennium' (2001) 34 (1) Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology 1 [...]

Given as a keynote address at the Annual Conference of the Australian and New Zealand Society of Criminology, 2000



R G Hood, F Seemungal and S Shute, A Fair Hearing? Ethnic Minorities in the Criminal Courts (Willan Publishing 2005) [...]

This book reports an empirical study which was commissioned by the Lord Chancellor’'s Department and jointly devised and directed by Roger Hood and Stephen Shute. The book was jointly written by them, with fieldwork and computing support from Florence Seemungal, research officer at the Oxford Centre for Criminology.

ISBN: 1-843920-84-0


R G Hood, The Death Penalty: a World-wide Perspective, Third Edition – Revised and Updated (OUP 2002)



R G Hood, 'Abolishing and Replacing Capital Punishment: Recent Developments’' in Hemdat Libi Israeli (ed), The Fortitudes of Creativity: In Honor of Shlomo Giora Shoham (Israel 2010)

R G Hood, 'Attacking the Death Penalty in the Anglophone Caribbean: A Criminological Contribution' in Luis Arroyo, Paloma Bigling and William A. Schabas (eds), Towards universal abolition of the death penalty (Valencia: Tirant lo Blanch 2010) [...]

previously printed in Festschrift für Heike Jung, 2007

R G Hood, 'Towards Global Abolition of the Death Penalty: Progress and Prospects' in Paloma Bigling and William A. Schabas (eds), Towards Universal Abolition of the Death Penalty (Valencia: Tirant lo Blanch 2010)


R G Hood and C Hoyle, 'Abolishing the Death Penalty Worldwide: the Impact of a ‘New Dynamic’' in Michael Tonry (ed), Crime and Justice, vol. 38, Capital Punishment (University of Chicago Press 2009)


R G Hood, 'Introduction' in Jon Yorke (ed), Against the Death Penalty: International Initiatives and Implications (Aldershot: Ashgate 2008)

R G Hood, 'The Death Penalty: The Movement towards World-wide Abolition' in S.G. Shoham, O. Beck and M. Kett (eds), International Handbook of Penology and Criminal Justice (New York, CRC Press 2008)


R G Hood, 'Attacking the Death Penalty in the Anglophone Caribbean: A Criminological Contribution' in Heinz Müller-Dietz (ed), Festschrift für Heike Jung (Baden-Baden, Nomos 2007) [...]

reprinted in Luis Arroyo, Paloma Bigling and William A. Schabas (eds.), Towards universal abolition of the death penalty, Valencia: Tirant lo Blanch (2010), 241-264


R G Hood, 'Hermann Mannheim and Max Grünhut' in J. Beatson and R. Zimmermann (eds), Jurists Uprooted. German Speaking Émigré Lawyers in Twentieth Century Britain (OUP 2004)


R G Hood, 'Criminology and Penal Policy: the vital role of empirical research' in Anthony Bottoms and Michael Tonry (eds), Ideology, Crime and criminal Justice: a Symposium in Honour of Sir Leon Radzinowicz (Willan Publishing 2002) [...]

Discusses the importance of empirical evidence for criminological theory and criminal policy.

ISBN: 1-903240-90-5


R G Hood and Stephen Shute, 'The changing face of parole in England and Wales. A story of well-intentioned reforms and unintended consequences' in Prittwitz, Baurmann,Günther, Kuhlen, Merkel, Nestler and Schulz (eds), Festschrift für Klaus Lüderssen (Nomos verlagsgessellschaft 0) [...]

An analysis of the factors influencing changes in the parole system of England and Wales and of the unintended consequences of these changes.

ISBN: 3-7890-7887-5

Internet Publications


R G Hood, Stephen Shute and Florence Seemungal, 'Ethnic Minorities in the Criminal Courts: Perceptions of Fairness and Equality of Treatment' (2003) Research series No. 2/03 Lord Chancellors Office, London 137 plus aendix: total 149 [...]

A large scale study, based on extensive interviews and observations, of the extent to which ethnic minority and white defendants and witnesses perceived their treatment to have been fair and free of ethnic bias.

ISBN: 1 84099 0481



R G Hood, 'Enhancing EU Action Against the Death Penalty in Asia' (European Parliament, Directorate General for External Policies EXPO/B/DROI/2011/22 2012)


R G Hood and F Seemungal, 'Public Opinion on the Mandatory Death Penalty in Trinidad' (Death Penalty Project, Oxford Centre for Criminology 2011)


R G Hood, F Seemungal, D Mendes and J Fagan, 'A Penalty Without Legitimacy: The Mandatory Death Penalty in Trinidad and Tobago' (Oxford: Centre for Criminology 2009)


R G Hood and F Seemungal, 'A Rare and Arbitrary Fate. Conviction for Murder, the Mandatory Death Penalty and the Reality of Homicide in Trinidad and Tobago' (Death Penalty Project, Oxford Centre for Criminology 76 2006) [...]

The research on which this report is based was devised and directed by Roger Hood. Fieldwork, the development of a database, and statistical assistance was the responsibility of Florence Seemungal, visiting scholar at the Oxford Centre for Criminology. The report was written Roger Hood.


R G Hood and M Feilzer, 'Differences or discrimination? Minority ethnic young people in the youth justice system' ( 248 2004) [...]

This book reports an empirical study which was directed by Roger Hood with the fieldwork and statistical analysis being carried out by Martina Feilzer, then a research officer at the Oxford Centre for Criminology. The book was jointly written by Martina Feilzer and Roger Hood.


Research: Criminology, Penology, Criminal Justice, History of Crime and Criminal Justice, Sociology of Law

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Centre for Criminology
Manor Road Building
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Oxford OX1 3UQ

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All Souls College

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