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Reuven Ziegler

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Academic Visitor

Lecturer in law at the University of Reading;  Editor-in-Chief of the Refugee Law Initiative's Working Paper Series at the School of Advanced Study (University of London); researcher at the Israel Democracy Institute (part of the "Constitutional Principles and their Implementation" project); frequent contributor to the Oxford Human Rights Hub Blog; blogger on 'Hatraklin' legal group blog (Hebrew). DPhil, MPhil (Lincoln College, Oxford); BCL (Harris Manchester College, Oxford); LLM (Hebrew University); LLB, BA (Economics) (Haifa University)


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'Protecting Recognised Geneva Convention Refugees outside their Countries of Asylum' (2013) 25 (2) International Journal of Refugee Law 235

'Legal Outlier, Again? U.S. Felon Suffrage Policies - Comparative and International Human Rights Perspectives' (2011) 29(2) Boston University International Law Journal 197

‘Do Soldiers’ Lives Matter? A View from Proportionality’ (2012) 45(1) Israel Law Review 53 (with Shai Otzari)

‘R (on the application of E) (Respondent) v Governing Body of JFS and the Admissions Appeal Panel of JFS (Appellants) and others [2009] UKSC 15’ ((January 2010) 6(1) He’arat Din (in Hebrew)

'Conditionally Just?' (Autumn 2009) 3 The Public Sphere 177 (book review of Chaim Gans, A Just Zionism (OUP, 2009))

'The French 'Headscarves Ban': Intolerance or Necessity?' (2006) 40(1) John Marshall Law Review 235 .

'Recognizing a Legal Right to Palliative Care: an Imperative for Today' in Shai Lavi (ed), Technologies of Justice (Ramot, 2004) 340 (in Hebrew) (with Sylviane Colombo)

'Who is afraid of Palliative Care?' (2004) 25 Medicine & Law 90 (in Hebrew) (with Sylviane Colombo)

'The Assigned Residence Case: H.C. 7015/02 Ajuri et al. V. IDF Commander' (2002) 36 Israel Law Review 179  

'End-of-Life and the Good Society' (2001) 2 European Journal of Comparative Law 271 (with Sylviane Colombo)


Research: Human Rights Law, Citizenship, Immigration and Refugee Law, Democratic Theory, Comparative Constitutional Law, Public International Law, and International Humanitarian Law

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Lincoln College

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Public International Law @ Oxford

Oxford Human Rights Hub

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