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Leverhulme Lectures on Law and Finance

Professor Steven L Schwarcz, Stanley A Star Professor of Law and Business at Duke University, and Leverhulme Visiting Professor of Law at Oxford for Michaelmas term, delivered a series of three lectures about the recent financial crisis on 9, 10 and 11 November 2010.

Abstracts, full texts, and recordings are available.

The Global Financial Crisis and Systemic Risk

abstract | full text | video ↓ | audio ↓↓

GlobalFinancialCrisisAndSystemicRisk (238.69MB).

Also available as an audio file, for a quicker download

GlobalFinancialCrisisAndSystemicRisk-audio.mp3 (10.73MB).

Regulating Complexity in Financial Markets

abstract | full text | audio ↓

RegulatingComplexityInFinancialMarkets-audio.mp3 (16.04MB).

The Future of Securitisation

abstract | full text | audio ↓

FutureOfSecuritisation-audio.mp3 (14.42MB).

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