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This database is aimed at facilitating discussion between academics and practitioners and is devoted to scholarly works-in-progress and to the distribution of other materials on competition law and policy. Research papers and abstracts from publications available on this site are in Adobe's PDF format, and require Adobe Acrobat Reader.





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CCLP (L) 01

Alden F. Abbott

A Brief Overview of American Antitrust Law

U.S. Federal Trade Commission

CCLP (L) 02

Alden F. Abbott

A Brief Comparison of European and American Antitrust Law

U.S. Federal Trade Commission

CCLP (L) 03

P A Walsh

Customers as Powerful Competitors – the Implications for Litigation

P A Walsh, Bristows

CCLP (L) 04

Assimakis P. Komninos

Non-competition Concerns: Resolution of Conflicts in the Integrated Article 81 EC

Assimakis P. Komninos, White & Case, Brussels

CCLP (L) 05

Mitja Kocmut

The Role of Efficiency Considerations Under the EU Merger Control

CCLP (L) 06

Kathy Y Lee

The WTO Dispute Settlement and Anti-competitive Practices: Lessons Learnt from Trade Disputes

CCLP (L) 07

Ariel Ezrachi

Merger Control and Cross Border Transactions: A Pragmatic View on Cooperation & Convergence

Ariel Ezrachi, The University of Oxford

CCLP (L) 08

Ariel Ezrachi

Under (and Over) Prescribing of Behavioural Remedies

Ariel Ezrachi, The University of Oxford

CCLP (L) 09

Peter R Willis

The privilege against self-incrimination in competition investigations

Peter R Willis, Taylor Wessing

CCLP (L). 10

Donald I. Baker

Network effects and essential facilities

Baker & Miller PLLC

CCLP (L). 11

Masanao Nakagawa

Indonesian Competition Law and Some Suggestions for Improvement

Kanto Gakuin University, Japan

CCLP (L). 12

Christian R. Fackelmann

Dynamic Efficiency Considerations in EC Merger Control

Christian R. Fackelmann, New College, Oxford

CCLP (L). 13

Phil Evans

Assessing consumer detriment

Phil Evans, FIPRA International

CCLP (L). 14

Dr Philip Marsden and Mr Peter


Dr Philip Marsden and Mr Peter Whelan, BIICL

CCLP (L). 15

Paul A Walsh

Copycat packaging and the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive

Paul A Walsh, Bristows

CCLP (L). 16

Ioannis Kokkoris

Critical Loss Analysis

Ioannis Kokkoris, Office of Fair Trading

CCLP (L). 17

Brent Fisse

The Proposed Australian cartel offence: The Problematic and Unnecessary element of dishonesty

Brent Fisse, Faculty of Law, University of Sydney

CCLP (L). 18

Peter Whelan

Report on the third annual symposium on retail competition


CCLP (L). 19

Peter Whelan

Report on the fourth annual symposium on retail competition

British Institute of International and Comparative Law

CCLP (L). 20

Peter Thalmann

Refusals to deal – The role of long-term effects in the design of remedies

Vienna University of Economics and Business

CCLP (L). 21

Alemayehu Fentaw

Ethiopian Unfair Competition Law

Faculty of Law, Jimma University, Ethiopia

CCLP (L). 22

Caron Beaton & Brent Fisse

The Cartel Offences: An Elemental Pathology

Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne

CCLP (L). 23

Albert Sánchez Graells

Distortions of Competition Generated by the Public (Power) Buyer: A Perceived Gap in EC Competition Law and Proposals to Bridge It

Universidad Pontificia de Comillas – ICADE

CCLP (L). 24

Maria Ath. Alexopoulou

EC Competition Rules in Public Procurement Cases: A Ground for Judicial Review?

University of Athens

CCLP (L). 25

Ariel Ezrachi

The European Commission Guidance on Article 82 EC – The Way in which Institutional Realities Limit the Potential for Reform


CCLP (L). 26

Dr. Jörg Philipp Terhechte

International Competition Enforcement Law – Between Cooperation and Convergence

Universität Hamburg

CCLP (L). 27

Ariel Ezrachi

Unchallenged Market Power? The Tale of Supermarkets, Private labels and Competition Law

CCLP, Oxford

CCLP (L). 28

David George

Report on the Sixth annual symposium on retail competition


CCLP (L). 29

Magdalena Laskowska

Dynamic Efficiencies and Technological Progress in EC Merger Control

The University Paris II Pantheon-Assas

CCLP (L). 30


The Determinants of Brands’ Market Power - Are They Changing?

Independent Economist

CCLP (L). 31


How interactions between vertical and horizontal competition determine welfare outcomes in consumer goods industries

Independent Economist

CCLP (L). 32

Ariel Ezrachi

Cross Border Transfer of Wealth


CCLP (L). 33

Davis George

Report on the Seventh Annual Symposium on Retail Competition - 2011


CCLP (L). 34

Catherine Nicholson, Bob Young

The relationship between supermarkets and suppliers: What are the implications for consumers?

Consumers International

CCLP (L). 35

José Carlos Laguna de Paz

Judicial review in European competition law

University of Valladolid, Spain

CCLP (L). 36

Hussein Ahmed Tura

Ethiopian Merger Regulation

Ambo University, School of Law

Presentations and other materials

CCLP (S) 01 (II)

Dick Bell

Private Label: Their Role for Retailers & Their Impact Upon Competition (Part II)

Dick Bell, Oxford Institute of Retail Management

CCLP (S) 01 (III)

Dick Bell

Private Label: Their Role for Retailers & Their Impact Upon Competition (Part III)

Dick Bell, Oxford Institute of Retail Management

CCLP (S) 01(I)

Dick Bell

Private Label: Their Role for Retailers & Their Impact Upon Competition (Part I)

Dick Bell, Oxford Institute of Retail Management

CCLP (S) 02

Paul Dobson

Private Labels and Branded Goods: An Economic and Competitive Comparison

Professor Paul Dobson, Loughborough University

CCLP (S) 03

Ariel Ezrachi

Behavioural Remedies in EC Merger Control – Theory and Practice

Ariel Ezrachi, The University of Oxford

CCLP (S) 04

Ed Flippen

US Electric Deregulation after California, Enron and Worst Blackout in US History

Ed Flippen, McGuireWoods LLP

CCLP (S) 05

Alastair Gorrie

Private Labels and Powerful Retailers – The Response from Competition Authorities

Alastair Gorrie, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe

CCLP (S) 06

Peter R Willis

The privilege against self-incrimination in competition investigations

Peter R Willis, Taylor Wessing

CCLP (S) 07

Donald I. Baker

Network Effects and Essential Facilities

Baker & Miller PLLC, Washington, DC

CCLP (S) 08

Iestyn Williams

Article 82 Reform: An Economic Perspective ?

Iestyn Williams, RBB Economics

CCLP (S) 09

Terry Calvani

Competition law remedies: private rights of action

Terry Calvani, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP

CCLP (S). 10

Terry Calvani

Competition law remedies: criminalization

Terry Calvani, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP

CCLP (S). 11

Dr Mike Walker

Remedies in retail competition

Dr Mike Walker, CRA International

CCLP (S). 12

Bill Ronald

Private labels and branded goods

Bill Ronald, Bezier

CCLP (S). 13

Matthias Queck

Private label trends in Europe

Matthias Queck, Planet Retail

CCLP (S). 14

Ariel Ezrachi

The changing landscape of European private enforcement and the possible implications for Article 82 litigation

Ariel Ezrachi, The University of Oxford

CCLP (S). 15

Simon Bishop

The Law and Economics of Loyalty Rebates

Simon Bishop, RBB Economics

CCLP (S). 16

Ariel Ezrachi

Recent Developments in European Competition Law - Cartel Enforcement and the Possible Implications for Japanese Companies

Ariel Ezrachi, The University of Oxford

CCLP (S). 17

Helen Jenkins

The Economics of Article 82 Reform

Helen Jenkins, Oxera Consulting Ltd

CCLP (S).18

Ed Flippen

Antitrust Enforcement Actions

Ed Flippen, Partner, McGuireWoods LLP

CCLP (S).19

Helen Passingham-Hughes

FMCG across the business cycle


CCLP (S).20

Philippe Chappatte

FRAND Commitments - The Case For Antitrust Intervention

Slaughter and May

CCLP (S).21

Damien Geradin

FRAND Commitment - The case against improper antitrust intervention


CCLP (S).22

Alden F. Abbott

Standard Setting under Section 5 of the FTC Act

U.S. Federal Trade Commission

CCLP (S).23

Alexopoulou & Sanchez Graells

Competition and Public Procurement – An Overview


CCLP (S).24

Ariel Ezrachi

Unchallenged Market Power? The Tale of Supermarkets, Private labels and Competition Law

CCLP, Oxford

CCLP (S).25

Pat Treacy

Implications of the EC’s guidelines on vertical agreements


CCLP (S).26

Tim Brooks

Bringing innovative products to consumers in modern markets

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare

CCLP (S).27

Peter Sükösd

Special treatment of sectoral industries in Hungarian competition law: retail

Hungarian Competition Authority

CCLP (S).28

Andrew Gavil

Comparative perspectives on the “new law” of resale price maintenance

Howard University School of Law, Washington

CCLP (S).29

Isabel Ortiz

The EU supply chain and the role of private labels

European Commission, Enterprise and Industry

CCLP (S).30

Paul Reeskamp

Switch marketing; the challenges of brand owners

Allen & Overy, Amsterdam

CCLP (S).31

Nicola Mazzarotto

Buyer power: Understanding and assessing its potential positive and negative effects

Competition Commission

CCLP (S).32

Myriam Vander Stichele

Remedies to the adverse effects of buyer power


CCLP (S).33

Maria Ioannidou


CCLP, Oxford

CCLP (S).34

Caron Beaton-Wells and Ariel E

Criminalising Cartels - Critical Studies of an International Regulatory Movement


CCLP (S).35

Hugh M. Hollman

The International Competition Network – Past Achievements and Future Challenges


CCLP (S).36

Molly Herron and Alex Long

Vertical Restraints Workshop

Herbert Smith LLP

CCLP (S).37

Javier Berasategi

Competition Law in the Grocery Retail:Caring about consumers?

Berasategi & Abogados

CCLP (S).38

Frank Bunte

The impact of private labels on SME competitiveness


CCLP (S).39

Peter Davis

Buyer Power, Consumers and Competition Enforcement

Competition CommissionJune

CCLP (S).40

John Harold


Combe International Ltd

CCLP (S).41

Manuel Sebastião

Commercial Relations between Food Suppliers and LRG’s in Portugal

Portuguese Competition Authority

CCLP (S).42

Jean-Jacques Vandenheede

The structural transformation drivers in FMCG

AC Nielsen

CCLP (S).43

Bob Young

Buyer Power - Changing market realities

Bob Young

CCLP (S).44

Ariel Ezrachi

Buying Alliances, Cartels and Purchase Price Fixing


CCLP (S).45

Diana Jackson

Buyer Power and Upstream Mergers: Benchmarks for Assessment


CCLP (S).46

Matthew Johnson

Buyer Power and Retail Competition


CCLP (S).47

Birgit Krueger

Buying Alliances in the German Food Retail Sector


CCLP (S).48

Laura Phaff

Purchasing Agreements


CCLP (S).49

Michael Rowe

Buyer Power in FMCG Mergers

Slaughter and May

CCLP (S).50

Maurice E. Stucke

Buyer Power: Should the Seller Beware?

University of Tennessee College of Law

CCLP (S).51

Tony Durham

Shopper behaviour: how choices are made

Tony Durham

CCLP (S).52

Greg Olsen

Comparing and contrasting the competitive effects of private labels

Clifford Chance LLP

CCLP (S).53

Jorge Novais Gonçalves

Similar packaging - An IP, competition or consumer protection matter?

European Commission

CCLP (S).54

Tony Clayton

Similar packaging - Assessing consumer detriment and business harm

Intellectual Property Office

CCLP (S).55

Tim Eales

Brand Performance in the Downturn

Symphony IRI

CCLP (S).56

Howard Smith

Multy category demand and supermarket pricing

The University of Oxford

CCLP (S).57

Nigel Cates

Competition and consumer policy: A perspective from a national authority

Office of Fair Trading

CCLP (S).58

Olav Kolstad

Unfair practices in the grocery supply chain


CCLP (S).59

Dr Nicola Mazzarotto

Brands in Competition Economic Analysis


CCLP (S).60

Andrew McCarthy

Addressing unfair trading practices – The UK Model

British Brands Group

CCLP (S).61

Matthew Bennett

Barriers to Entry


CCLP (S).62

Hugh Mullan

Changes in competition between brands and private labels

Office of Fair Trading

CCLP (S).63

Meltem Baðýþ Akkaya

Turkish FMCG Sector Inquiry

Turkish Competition Authority

CCLP (S).64

Bob Young

Trends in Retail Competition

Europe Economics

CCLP (S).65

Anand Sharma

FMCG brands success factors

Growth Angle Ltd

CCLP (S).66

Susan Hinchliffe

PLB competition in the assessment of market power in EU and UK merger cases

Arnold & Porter

CCLP (S).67

Koen de Jong

Comparing and contrasting the branded and own label business model


CCLP (S).68

Alex Chisholm

Agency Effectiveness – early plans for the Competition and Markets Authority

Competition and Markets Authority

CCLP (S).69

Alison Jones Rebecca Williams

Deterring Cartels: Is criminalisation the solution? Lessons from the UK

King’s College London and Pembroke College Oxford

CCLP (S).70

Meltem Bagis Akkaya

Turkish Leniency Programme: What Not To Do

Turkish Competition Authority

CCLP (S).71

Adi Ayal

Economic Power and Antitrust Agencies’ Duty to Curtail It

Bar Ilan University

CCLP (S).72

Caron Beaton-Wells

Immunity policy: revolution or religion?

University of Melbourne

CCLP (S).73

Amelia Fletcher

The UK Mergers Regime - Hits and Misses

ESRC Centre for Competition Policy

CCLP (S).74

Michal Gal, Thomas Cheng

Aggregate Concentration: Regulation by Competition law?

University of Haifa and University of Hong Kong

CCLP (S).75

Laurence Idot

Access to Files of Competition Authorities in follow-on damages actions

Paris II-Panthéon Assas

CCLP (S).76

Jaime Barahona & Pierre Horna

Improving coordination in regional cartel investigations in Latin America


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