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Undergraduate Admissions

Video of a Mock Law Interview

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The University's Undergraduate Prospectus, available online or on paper, provides authoritative information on when and how to apply. You apply through UCAS (the Univerities and Colleges Admissions Service). Our UCAS codes are:-


for the regular Law programme


Law with European Law


Law with French Law


Law with German Law


Law with Italian Law


Law with Spanish Law

• The four-year BA in Law with Law Studies in Europe

• Undergraduate Prospectus

• Direct link to the law page in the Undergraduate Prospectus

• How to apply

• Undergraduate Admissions Office contact details

• UCAS website

Note that Oxford is a collegiate university. To study law as an undergraduate you apply to a college. In the case of the BA Law programme the college makes the final decision. In the case of the BA Law with Law Studies in Europe programme the college decision needs to be approved by the Faculty. You may choose which college you apply to or, if you prefer, the Admissions Office will choose one for you. All colleges use the same admissions criteria and all use much the same procedure, which includes an interview for shortlisted applicants.

• For more on colleges, interviews, and so on, visit our undergraduate admissions FAQs.

• Our qualitative selection criteria for undergraduate admissions are here.

• For information on law open days and summer schools check here.

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