10 x Judges for the Legal Research and Mooting Skills Programme

Deadline: 12 noon on Monday 13th February 2023 (Week 5, Hilary Term)



The Bodleian Law Library and the Faculty of Law are seeking to appoint ten judges for the Legal Research and Mooting Skills Programme, which will take place in Week 7, Trinity Term 2023.  The moots are a compulsory aspect of the BA Jurisprudence course and so all undergraduates complete them.  Further information about the LRMSP may be found on the Faculty website.



The role of the judge is to judge one question each for these moots.  One question will usually mean between 5 and 8 courts (with 4 students in each).  In more detail this work will entail:

  1. Research the moot question, which will be a standard legal problem in either Contract or Tort law (up to 5 hours’ work)
  2. Read and assess students’ written submissions (four per court) which will be uploaded onto Canvas (VLE) the Friday before the moots (1 hour’s work per court) 
  3. Judge the moots in person, which will take place in Week 7 of Trinity Term, and provide informal feedback within the moot court (1 hour’s work per court) 
  4. Write one to two paragraphs of individual written feedback for each student, (to be sent back to the LRMSP co-ordinators by the beginning of Week 8) (1 hour’s work per court)


Duration and hours

Working hours: 5 hours in total to research the moot question; and a further 3 hours per court to assess, judge and feed back on each court.  Judges are assigned a moot question by the LRMSP co-ordinators and are expected to be allocated between 5 and 8 courts each.

The moots will take place from Monday 5th June - Friday 9th June 2023 (Week 7 of Trinity Term).  When applying please state whether you will be available on all or some of the days.

Start date: the research into the moot question should commence not later than Monday 29th May 2023 (Week 6 of Trinity Term)

Date by which the work must be completed: individual written feedback for each student must be returned to the LRMSP co-ordinators by Monday 12th June 2023 (8th Week, Trinity Term). 



The judges will each report to the LRMSP co-ordinators (Kate Matthews and Nicola Patrick).


Requirements for the role

This opportunity is open to current graduate students in the Faculty of Law, or those who hold a postgraduate law degree.


  • Mooting experience (either judging or competing)


  • Experience of teaching undergraduates (especially in contract and tort)
  • Experience of judging moots, especially previous experience of judging the LRMSP moots.

The hours are in line with the restrictions on working hours for students in the Faculty of Law. 

It is expected that the work will be undertaken in the UK. 


 Rate of Pay

The work will be paid at £18.50 per hour (which equates to University Grade 7, point 1, including the non-consolidated pay award for 2022-23).  Payment is on the basis of completed and approved timesheets, which must be submitted to payroll@law.ox.ac.uk by Friday 23rd June 2023, for payment on the last working day of the following month.

In addition, paid annual leave will be assumed to be taken in the month in which it was accrued.


How to Apply

A short CV and cover letter should be sent by email to lrmsp@bodleian.ox.ac.uk by 12 noon on Monday 13th February 2023 (Week 5, Hilary Term). Please explain how you meet the requirements for the role, and give details of your availability for the moot (5th-9th June).

New applicants must supply the name of their current supervisor or a member of the Law Faculty who may be approached for a reference. 

Enquiries about the project are welcome, and may be addressed by email to lrmsp@bodleian.ox.ac.uk.

General queries, e.g. about the appointment process, or eligibility, may be addressed to recruitment@law.ox.ac.uk.  

Guidelines for Faculty members, line managers and students

Work must not commence without a letter of engagement or variable hours contract and a right to work check having been carried out by the Faculty Personnel Officer.

Graduate student engagement opportunities in the Faculty of Law usually fall into one of three categories: Research Assistant; Graduate Teaching Assistant; or Blog Editor

Full-time graduate students in the Faculty of Law may work up to 8 hours per week, or a common sense average across the year, regardless of the type of work.

Students may not work for their own supervisor without the approval of the Associate Dean for Graduate Students.

Any queries regarding the eligibility of a particular student should be directed to Geraldine Malloy in the Faculty Office.  

In all cases it is expected that the work will be undertaken in the UK.

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