The pattern of core courses and options over the three terms of the academic year is as follows:

Michaelmas Term

Hilary Term

Trinity Term

  • Core Course I
  • Research Design and Data Collection
  • Optional course 1
  • Optional course 2
  • Core Course II
  • Optional course 1
  • Optional course 2
  • Optional course 3
  • Dissertation
  • Criminological Research Workshop

Students are expected to spend at least 50 hours studying each week during term (and they will also need to do some study during vacations). During Michaelmas and Hilary Term students are advised to divide their time between the core course and their other courses in the following way:

  • At least 18 hours preparation a week for the core course;
  • At least 10 hours preparation a week for each option/compulsory course;
  • 4.5 to 6 hours a week in seminars (ninety minutes for each course).

In Trinity term MSc students will work on their dissertation and attend the weekly Criminology Research Workshop. 

You will note that this leaves very little time during the week for any paid employment. Whilst we appreciate that some students will have to work a few hours a week in the evenings or at the weekends, perhaps in a shop or a bar, students on a taught course (such as the MSc) or on the MPhil are not allowed to teach (or provide research assistance) within the university and colleges.