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Daniel Slifkin Scholarship.  The scholarship is available to a student embarking on the BCL or MJur at St. John’s College.  The scholarship is open to a law graduate of any University.  It will cover full University fees (at either the Home/EU or Overseas student rate as applicable), College fees and maintenance of the Scholar in the sum of £13,290.   There is no separate application procedure: applicants should apply to Oxford University in the normal way, naming St. John’s College as their preferred College and indicating on the application form that they wish to be considered for a Departmental Studentship (as described in relation to Law Faculty Scholarships above).  Such an applicant will be considered first for the Daniel Slifkin Scholarship and, if not successful in this respect,  for any relevant Law Faculty Scholarship.  Selection for the Daniel Slifkin Scholarship will be made on the basis of academic excellence, although preference may be given to an applicant who has not previously undertaken graduate studies in law.  Further details can be found here.