The Faculty of Law aims to attract the best students, regardless of social background. In order to support and inform all candidates, we host a range of summer schools and participate in a number of initiatives such as The Brilliant Club and Pathways to Law.

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Applying for Oxford Law

There are four parts involved in applications for Oxford undergraduate law (BA Jurisprudence or BA Law with Law Studies in Europe):

  1. UCAS Applications: complete an online form via the University and Colleges Application System (UCAS), selecting Oxford, Law, and your college of choice. You can also submit an Open Application.
  2. LNAT: you will need to register for the Law National Aptitude Test (LNAT). The LNAT is designed to test your suitability to the study of Law and will assess your verbal reasoning, ability to interpret and communicate information, and decision-making skills. It does not require any prior knowledge of law and will not follow an IQ test style format, which means everybody sitting the LNAT starts from the same point.
  3. Interviews: applicants who make it through the first two stages of admissions will be invited to interview at an Oxford college (this could be your college of choice but will not neccessarily be). You will get to spend a night or more in a room in college and meet other applicants or potential peers. Interviewers are not looking for existing knowledge of law but want to place applicants in an authentic tutorial setting to test their on-the-spot thinking and ability to formulate arguments.
  4. Results: most successful students will be issued a conditional offer. This means that you will still need to achieve high enough A-Levels (or equivalent) in order to be accepted for your place. Only students who have been awarded the right qualifications in a previous year will receive unconditional offers. The entry requirements for BA Jurisprudence are AAA.