Access and outreach in the Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law is committed to attracting the strongest students to study, regardless of a candidate’s background.  In order to achieve this aim, we host range of activities designed to inform, support and encourage applications from widest possible pool.  

Within the Faculty we offer outreach programmes such our Open Days, Summer School and Mock Trials while working with the University to offer other programmes such as the Brilliant Club and Pathways to Law.   Details of these programmes are found on our Summer Schools and programme pages

If you are not eligible for one of our access and outreach programmes, but want to find out more about law in the UK, see our summer programme, the Oxford Introduction to Law in the UK.

Access outreach Video Series
Open Day Lecture
Other Access Opportunities

Link Colleges

The University of Oxford now offers the opportunity for schools and colleges to develop an ongoing relationship with Colleges at the University to simplify communication between UK Schools and the University as an ongoing commitment to engage in schools.  The programme pairs colleges with specific UK regional Local Authorities, to allow the University to get to know schools and colleges in specific regions better, but also give schools and colleges a more personal and direct way of staying in touch with the University.  For further information on pairing please visit the Link Colleges pages on the University of Oxford website. 

School Visits

The Linklaters Oxford Law Access Ambassadors (LOLAAS) are a fantastic team of our current students who are trained and able to go out to schools and conduct visits designed to encourage students from all backgrounds to consider Law at the University of Oxford.  Schools can request a visit by the LOLAAS

Oxford Open Day stand


The Law Faculty also engages in the following initiatives to further support our recruitment aims.

Target Oxbridge

Target Oxbridge

Aims to help black African and Caribbean students and students of mixed race with black African and Caribbean heritage increase their chances of getting into the Universities of Oxford or Cambridge. 

Pathways Programme 

Pathways to Law

Aims to provide information, advice and guidance on Oxford and HE to academically able students, and staff members, in non-selective state schools with little history of student progression to Oxford. Aims to provide information, advice and guidance on Oxford and HE to academically able students, and staff members, in non-selective state schools with little history of student progression to Oxford. 


Oxford and Cambridge Regional Student Conferences  

Oxford and Cambridge Student Conferences

Designed to provide up-to-date information on the application and admissions procedure at both institutions as well as providing an insight into student life. 









OxNet operates on a Hub model, with a Hub School and a network of Link Schools in each target local authority, through which academic activity is organised. OxNet seeks to take university learning directly into schools, bringing cutting-edge research into the classroom.


Useful Links for Schools

Below are some links to information that may be useful to school students who are considering applying to Oxford, as well as their parents and teachers:

Summer Students Outside
Teachers - Conferences and Resources

Applying to Oxford - Resources for Teachers

Regional Teachers' Conferences

Sutton Trust Teacher Summer School

Students in the Dining hall
Teachers' E-Newsletter

Teachers' E-Guide

Oxford & Cambridge Collaborative Outreach Network

Oxford Education Deanery


Supporting an Oxford Applicant: A Parents' and Carers' Guide


Outreach Events for Students

Oxford & Cambridge Collaborative Outreach Network Student Conference

Financial Support

Suggested Reading & Other Resources

Russell Group's Guide to Post-16 Subject Choices