Non-Credit Course: Research Training on Counterterrorism Law

Programme Summary

This research training programme will train participants in research and analysis of legislation and jurisprudence on a state’s obligations in relation to counterterrorism. An introductory seminar will give participants an introduction to the relevant international standards as well as guidance on research methods and report writing. Under the academic guidance of Stuart Maslen and Freya Baetens, each participant will prepare a case study on one jurisdiction to be submitted by the end of the programme.  Participants will receive a certificate to confirm their participation in the programme and their research contribution will be acknowledged on the website (if they consent to that acknowledgement).  In previous years, the Bonavero Institute has collaborated with the Centre for Human Rights to develop websites on the use of force by police ( and on the right of peaceful assembly (

Context of the project

One of the great challenges of the early 21st century has been the development of global human-rights based standards for countering terrorism.  This project, which is undertaken in partnership with the  Centre for Human Rights at the University of Pretoria (UP) will contribute to the development of an online repository containing information about domestic legislation on terrorism and counterterrorism in all 197 states that are recognised by the UN Secretary-General, as well as Kosovo and Western Sahara.  It is hoped that this new database will play a significant role in identifying and publishing different domestic approaches to counterterrorism. The research will investigate definitions of terrorism and criminal offences relating to terrorism in domestic law, domestic adherence to international terrorism treaties, penalties for different offences relating to terrorism, and domestic policies and capacity to counter terrorism in the relevant jurisdictions. Each study will examine relevant provisions of the domestic constitution, penal code, and legislation. Relevant laws will be examined in each report and will be published for download on the website, in both the original language and in English translation (if available).

Profile of participants

  • Research skills: Graduate and undergraduate law students at the University of Oxford; graduate students in other disciplines who hold a law degree or have experience in legal human rights research. Other students may be considered if they have a demonstrated interest in issues relating to counterterrorism.
  • Language skills: It would be particularly useful if applicants could also work in languages other than English, including Arabic, Chinese, Russian, and Spanish.
  • Availability:  Several hours per week (approx.. 12 hours in total) for training, research and analysis on the relevant counterterrorism law and jurisprudence. Participants must attend the following three events in the Gilly Leventis Meeting Room at the Bonavero Institute of Human Rights:
  • 28 October 2022 from 3pm to 5pm: Introductory seminar outlining the project, introduction to international standards on counterterrorism law; and guidance on research methods and report writing by Stuart Maslen. Participants will then conduct their preliminary research on counterterrorism law in a particular jurisdiction and submit it by end of day on 18 November 2022.
  • 21 November 2022 3pm – 5pm: A session to discuss initial research reports with project leaders to assists with research questions as well as report revision and finalisation. The final draft must be submitted by 3 December 2022.
  • 5 December 2022, from 3pm to 5pm: A final session to discuss final reports and feedback. The research reports will then be uploaded to the website.


Please send a letter setting out why you would like to participate in this programme together with your CV to by 4pm on 25 October 2022. Please indicate if there is a particular jurisdiction that you wish to research. You will be notified whether you have been selected on 26 October.

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