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Andrew Hall QC
25 Aug 2021

Conversations on Criminal Justice - Andrew Hall QC on Terrorism, Liberty, and the Rule of Law in UK Criminal Litigation

By Eileen Casey | Caroline Vorce

Centre for Criminology
Water Ripple
03 Aug 2021

Conversations on Criminal Justice - Talking to Dr. Nadia Wager about sexual violence and restorative justice

By Louisa Auerbach | Ariadne Fischer

Centre for Criminology
The Focus
02 Aug 2021

Conversations on Criminal Justice - Dissertation Symposium of the MSc Criminology and Criminal Justice Cohort 1st to 2nd of June 2020/21

By Laura Haas | Victor Lui | Anna Kahlisch

Centre for Criminology
Black Lives Matter Protest in DC, 1st June 2020
30 Jun 2021

Annual Roger Hood Lecture: The Pains of Racism in Criminal Justice and Criminology

By Nisha Waller

Centre for Criminology
Border Mexico USA
09 Jun 2021

All Souls Blog: Kidnapping in the US-Mexico Borderlands: Citizen Responses and the 'Intimacy-Distance Paradox

By Brian Egan

Centre for Criminology
Prison Cell Jail
24 May 2021

All Souls Blog: Do Prisons Make People Angry, Alienated and Dangerous? Reflections on Findings and Frustrations.

By Laura Haas

Centre for Criminology
Stan Gilmour
24 May 2021

Conversations on Criminal Justice - Supt. Gilmour: Insights into the Thames Valley Police Violence Reduction Unit

By Ludivine Delaloye | Katina Dorer | Maya Lahav

Centre for Criminology
Immigrant women at a feminist protest in France in the 1990s
10 May 2021

All Souls Blog: Sexual Violence and the Boundaries of the Nation: Formulating Anti-racist Feminist Responses to Violence Against Women within Ethnic Minority Communities.

By Holly Bird

Centre for Criminology
Inverted America, 1943
30 Mar 2021

Why Southernising Criminology?

By Luiz Phelipe Dal Santo | Lucy Harry

Centre for Criminology