Visiting Fellow from Utrecht University

Anja Mihr, Associate Professor at the Netherlands Institute of Human Rights at Utrecht University, is staying over the summer months at the Centre to wrap up her book on Transitional Justice and the Quality of Democracy in Europe. She conducted her field research in Turkey, Spain and Germany, looking at whether, and if so to what extent, there is any correlation or catalyst effect between transitional justice measures and the quality of democratic institutions over an extended period of time. Interestingly enough, although three country's democratic institutions are very different in their performance and thus qualities, there are many similarities in the ways transitional justice measures contributed to democratic development and performance in each. Anja's book is anticipated to be published in 2014.

Anja is also co-director of the ORA ESRC/NWO project: Impact of Transitional Justice Measures on Democratic Institution-Building, which covers 8 countries around the world.