On Monday 23rd September Rachel Condry and Caroline Miles presented the findings of their three year ESRC-funded research project at a conference held at St Hilda's College, University of Oxford.

The aim of the conference was to raise awareness and develop recommendations for more informed and effective policy making. It brought together a wide range of experts to discuss the practical implications of the current lack of an official definition, acknowledgement of the issue, and guidelines for practitioners. The day focused on families' experiences of APV, criminal justice responses, and innovative approaches to the problem, with a panel of experts from each area contributing to the debate drawing upon a wide range of experience and answering questions from the audience.

The audience welcomed the findings with great interest, and engaged in the debate with a wide range of useful observations and suggestions. A first step towards the creation of a network of experts committed to the designing of practical solutions seems to have been taken, and feedback from attendees suggested that both academics and practitioners left the conference inspired, with new ideas to investigate and to put into practice in their daily work. Further information about the project and the conference can be found on the project website.