Members from the Border Criminologies group, Mary Bosworth, Ines Hasselberg and Sarah Turnbull recently presented on their research at the European Group Annual Conference in Oslo.

At the same conference Mary Bosworth launched her new book, co-edited with Katja Aas of Oslo University, The Borders of Punishment.  The book, which grew from a two-day conference of the same name, held at the Centre for Criminology in April 2012, maps a new subfield of criminology concerned with the intersections between migration control and criminal justice. Contributors include Lucia Zedner, Ben Bowling, Emma Kaufman, Juliet Stumpf, Catherine Dauvergne and others.

More information about the book can be found here, while more information about ongoing research on migration control occurring at the Centre for Criminology as well as information about how to participate can be found on the Border Criminologies website.