Mary Bosworth will be speaking tomorrow at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg at a meeting of National Preventive Mechanisms (NPM). The two-day conference, Immigration Detention in Europe: Establishing Common Concerns and Developing Minimum Standards, jointly organised by the Council of Europe and Britain’s HM Inspectorate of Prisons aims to:

  • Establish key concerns about treatment of and conditions for immigration detainees across Europe
  • Share best practices in immigration detention monitoring
  • Discuss the framework for development of a comprehensive set of specific immigration detention standards for Europe (“European Immigration Detention Rules”)

This conference will feed in to a report, coordinated by the Council of Europe, which will examine whether there is a need for the standards for detention of irregular migrants, and what those standards might include.

Drawing on her research in the UK, Greece, and France, Mary will be discussing the needs of women and children in detention. A brief account of one of the most fundamental issues associated with these two groups – namely how many there actually are in detention in Europe – can be found on the website of the Border Criminologies group.  Further information about the Strasbourg conference, including its aims and participants can be found here.