International Network for Delivery of Regulation (INDR)


The International Network for Delivery of Regulation (INDR) is a membership organisation that aims to provide:

  • a Centre of Excellence in a world class university to support improvement in the way regulation is delivered, namely how regulations are received and applied by businesses and others whose behaviour they seek to control, and the manner in which they are enforced.

  • A ‘safe space’ International Hub for the exchange of views and sharing of information on regulation and enforcement models, approaches and techniques, which brings together governmental policy and regulatory practitioners with academic support, to support strong practical applications of best regulatory delivery practice.

  • coordination of further research and experience on regulatory delivery issues.

INDR is hosted at the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, University of Oxford.

INDR is led by:

  • Graham Russell, Director of Regulatory Delivery (RD) in the UK Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

  • Professor Christopher Hodges, Professor of Justice Systems at Oxford University, Fellow of Wolfson College, and Head of the Swiss Re/CMS Research Programme on Civil Justice Systems at the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies (CSLS), University of Oxford.

  • Srikanth Mangalam, President, Public Risk Management (PRISM) Institute, Canada

  • Hilary Reid Evans, who coordinates INDR as Executive Director and is formerly Deputy Director General of the International Federation of Inspection Agencies.


Major developments in Regulatory Delivery: INDR has been established to build on and support a series of important developments in Regulatory Delivery around the world. One strand is the evolution of Better Regulation policy, including in UK the adoption of a Regulators’ Code that supports best practice by regulators in not only achieving good outcomes, such as compliance with requirements, but also supporting business growth. A recent development is HM Government’s 2017 Regulatory Futures Review link, which proposes a direction of travel towards a ‘regulated self-assurance’ model.

Regulatory delivery is a concept in which the UK is a global leader. It looks beyond the traditional assumption that rules that are enforced will be observed, and engages with how rules are received and applied by businesses and others whose behaviour those regulations seek to control, and hence the manner in which they are enforced so as to achieve maximum compliance and performance.

Ethical Business Practice and Regulation: A further development is ground-breaking research by Prof Chris Hodges on regulation and enforcement, which builds on behavioural science to propose a cooperative model of Ethical Business Regulation (EBR).  EBR has swiftly gained wide support with diverse regulators and is being trialled in numerous sectors and countries. See links to Law and Corporate Behaviour, the BRDO paper, Max Watson lecture, EBP&R book

Global Need for Expertise: Limited Supply and need for Networking: Governments around the world are constantly trying to identify better ways of delivering regulation. Some transformative developments are currently occurring, and there is a wide demand for the identification of developments and reliable evidence, and the sharing of knowledge on best practice. Almost no governments have coordinating bodies that bring together experience and expertise in regulation. Little academic attention has been devoted to regulatory delivery worldwide. Academic literature tends to lag behind what is actually occurring on the ground, and its theoretical approaches present problems of implementation for regulators and governments in their daily challenges.

Activities include:

  • A meeting of experts in Oxford on 3 May 2018, which was linked with CSLS’ conference on Ethical Business Practice and Regulation on 4 May. A further conference is planned for 2019.

  • producing an edited book on Regulatory Delivery: Best Practice with contributions from invited key experts.

  • contributing to HMG/RD’s International Inspection Reform Conference on regulatory delivery in October 2018 (

  • Producing a glossary of terms relating to Regulatory Delivery, to ensure a common agreed understanding and use of frequently used vocabulary.

  • Providing an on-line forum for the sharing of research and other materials relating to Regulatory Delivery.

For further information regarding membership of INDR please contact Hilary Reid Evans.


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