For over forty years the Oxford Centre has been at the forefront of research into the nature and role of law in society. Researchers combine multi-disciplinary expertise to study law as a historical and culturally specific mode of social organisation that takes different forms within and across different types of society. Their expertise is complemented by associate research fellowsacademic visitors, and research students who often engage in joint research with the Centre’s staff and contribute to its extensive programme of academic activities.

In the informal and relaxed atmosphere of the Centre its Fellows teach and supervise a group of graduate research students, both masters and doctoral level, who are notably international in their backgrounds and diverse in their academic qualifications. They bring exciting ideas to a great variety of socio-legal issues, and their commitment and energy contribute substantially to the success of the Centre.

The Centre is an ideal base for post-doctoral scholars who wish to develop their projects, gain academic experience, and launch their careers.