In addition to the Comparative Law Discussion Group, and the EU Law Discussion Group, the Institute organises lunchtime seminars at which members of the Institute and our academic visitors have the opportunity to present their research. These lunchtime seminars are generally open to all members of the Faculty and graduate students, and will be advertised on the Faculty’s weekly events email. Recent and forthcoming seminars are set out below.


11 May 2017Augustin Gridel (Research Student, University of Paris 2)Brexit and the Conflict of Laws 
25 May 2017Dr Elisabeth Ahlinder (University of Stockholm)Reasonable and Fair Compensation for Rights to Use Land for Telecommunication Purposes in Sweden and the UK  
1 June 2017Professor Olha Cherednychenko (University of Groningen)The Interplay between Public Regulation and Private Law from the European and Comparative Perspective  
8 June 2017Pierre Horna (United National Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD))Multijurisdictional Cartel Investigations: Comparative Analysis of Cross-Border Jurisdictions and the Choice of Law  
15 June 2017Dr Nadja Schwery (University of Fribourg)English Commonhold and Swiss Condominium - a Comparison