Update: The deadline for making written submissions to the 2022 Oxford IP Moot has now passed. Thank you to all teams that entered the competition! You should each have received an email setting out our current plans for the Oral Proceedings. In summary, we are still working on the basis that we will host teams in Oxford in March 2022. However, if an in-person competition proves impossible, we will shift the Oral Proceedings online. We appreciate that teams will benefit from plenty of notice about the format for the moot. The OC will meet in January, prior to the sending of invitations, to assess the situation. A further announcement will be made at that time.

The Problem

This year’s problem relates to the case Floyd’s Kitchins & Erewhonian Burrellshire Brandy Association v Greenland Supermarket [2021] HCE 107. It covers copyright law, passing off and geographical indicators of origin.

Please read the Instructions carefully.

Any requests for clarifications or of corrections to the moot problem should be directed to the Moot Secretary by midday on Friday 12 November 2021 (Oxford time). Requests should note the paragraph number to which they relate, and explain why the requested clarification or correction is expected to have legal significance for the problem. If any clarifications or corrections are deemed necessary by the Organising Committee (OC), these will be released on the moot website by the end of Monday 22 November 2021.  

Your submissions must be received by the Moot Secretary by 5.00pm on Monday 13 December 2021 (Oxford time). Within their written submissions, teams must identify themselves only by use of the anonymous identifier given to them in advance by the Moot Secretary. To apply for this identifier, you should email the Moot Secretary well before the submission deadline.

The registration process will not open until after invitations have been issued to compete at the oral rounds. These invitations will be issued in mid-late January 2022. Only those teams who are invited to the oral rounds will need to register and pay the registration fee.

To keep apprised of announcements and news in relation to the moot (#OxIPMoot), please follow us on Twitter: @OxIPMoot. This page will also be updated as further information becomes available.
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15 December 2021: We are keeping abreast of recent developments and are putting contingency plans in place to move the event online should we be unable to host the event in Oxford.

The 2020 moot was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and the problem for that moot was used for an online competition in March 2021. At the moment, it is planned that the 2022 oral rounds will take place as a purely in-person event in Oxford in March 2022. The schedule will be finalised once we have a sense of team numbers, meaning that the following is subject to change: but we anticipate welcoming teams on the evening of Wednesday 16 March, and then mooting from Thursday 17 to Saturday 19 March 2022.

We appreciate that circumstances can change, sometimes rapidly, and that teams will not know, for sure, whether they will be able to travel to Oxford in March. Interested teams are nevertheless encouraged to make written submissions, as making a submission does not require that teams pay any money or commit to their availability to travel. If a team wins a memorial prize but finds itself unable to come to Oxford, it will still receive its prize. We will also notify teams immediately if, due to changed regulations in the UK or worsening Covid conditions, we need to change plans for the oral rounds.

The winners of last year's 18th Annual Oxford IP Moot 2021 can be found here.
The Rules 2022 (released 23 November 2021)
Instructions & Problem 2022 (updated 21 November 2021)
Corrections and Clarifications (released 22 November 2021)