Arpan Banerjee, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Fellow, Bucerius Law School and Assistant Professor, Jindal Global Law School

The Judicial Expansion of Trade Mark Tarnishment in India

Dr Barbara Lauriat, King's College London 

The True Story of  Walter v Lane

Professor Graeme Austin, Professor of Law, Melbourne University & Chair in Private Law, Victoria University of Wellington  

Trademarks and Private Governance

Dr Luke McDonagh, Law School, City of London

What next for IP litigation in the UK and EU post-Brexit? Exploring empirical insights into the IPEC, High Court and Unified Patent Court 

Professor Dr Michael Grünberger , University of Bayreuth

"One contract to rule them all"? – The hidden battle between contract and copyright law in the Digital Single Market Strategy

Professor Duncan Matthews, Queen Mary University of London

Brexit and the Unified Patent Court

Dr Emily Hudson, King's College London & University of Queensland

The pastiche exception in Copyright Law: A case of mashed-up drafting?

Dr Nicola Searle, Goldsmiths University of London

Cultural economics and IP

Professor Dr. Alexander Peukert, Goethe University Frankfurt

The propertisation of Trade Mark Law – a Polanyian perspective

Professor Timo Minssen, University of Copenhagen

Innovation gaps on life science frontiers? From Ebola, Zika and the bad bugs to new uses, big data and the black box 

Professor Lionel Bently , (University of Cambridge);
William Bowes , (Chair of the International Board of the Publishers’ Association);
Dr Emily Hudson , (Kings College London);
Professor Uma Suthersanen , (Queen Mary University of London)

Copyright and Course Packs: A collision of competing valu