Transnational Commercial Law (TCL) is taught in many universities and law schools worldwide.  However, there is often a critical gap in the knowledge of students who take these courses.  First, students often have limited knowledge about the underlying transactions that are the subject of transnational commercial instruments (particularly beyond contracts).  Secondly, students are often unfamiliar with the basis legal principles that govern such transactions in jurisdictions other than their home jurisdiction.

Knowledge of the basic legal principles and the underlying transactions is central to understanding the process of creating, and the content of, transnational commercial instruments. There is a need for a set of basic materials on Comparative Commercial Law - if not a complete companion course - that TCL teachers can provide to students.  Research developed through the Comparative Commercial Law (CCL) Project aims to fill these critical gaps.

This is an open project, and collaboration with interested others is invited. 

The results of the CCL Project will be shared globally, including with teachers of TCL. 

Attached is a PowerPoint on the project presented to the 2015 annual meeting of TCL teachers, together with the initial and preliminary materials produced for and under the project to date.

Professor Jeffrey Wool heads the project.