Name: Alex Ivory

College: Keble College

Scholarship: Fountain Court Scholarship


I completed my undergraduate studies in Law at Keble College, Oxford. I decided to stay on at Keble, having enjoyed my time there so much, in order to study the BCL.

What are your career ambitions?

I plan to pursue a career at the English Bar. My primary areas of interest in terms of practice are the Commercial Bar, along with personal injury, product liability, and professional negligence.

​What do you hope to achieve whilst studying law in Oxford?

I hope to be able to both build on the depth of what I learnt at undergraduate level, but also learn about areas of law which are entirely new to me.

What have you found most rewarding about your programme so far?

The cohort of students in terms of home country and age is more diverse than at undergraduate level, and with many having studied a first law degree in another jurisdiction, the BCL has exposed me to very different ways of thinking about, and finding solutions to, legal problems. The wide range of choices in terms of the options I was able to choose from also means I have been able to tailor the programme to ensure I get the most out of it. For instance, I have been able to take options which sit at the core of the private law component of the BCL, and supplement these with courses which put more emphasis on public law and comparative approaches.

What have you found most challenging about your programme so far?

The reading can be large in quantity and challenging in its depth. Juggling four subjects at once throughout the year, instead of the one and a half modules per term which I studied for undergraduate, requires a different skill set and good time management. However, it is still manageable and tutors are understanding of the demands of the workload.

Are you involved with or joined any projects or societies? 

During my undergraduate degree at Oxford, I was involved in various access and outreach projects. I hope to continue this during my BCL year, as well as partake in the more traditional legal extracurricular of mooting.

Through the generosity of Fountain Court Chambers, this scholarship, worth £10,000, is awarded annually to students embarking on the BCL, MJur or one year research degree (including one year of the DPhil). Available to UK , EU, and overseas students alike, this scholarship is for students with an interest in proceeding to the bar.