Heads of Division have been invited by the Board of Management of the Astor Travel Fund to make recommendations for appointments to Astor Visiting Lectureships for the calendar year 2019. The Board made five awards to this division in the 2018 round.

Astor Visiting Lectureships provide funding for visits by distinguished academics from the United States for up to one week. Funding will cover reasonable transatlantic airfares (i.e. economy or standard), internal travel, accommodation, subsistence and an honorarium of £750, subject to a maximum of £2,000 (including honorarium). Payment is made by reimbursement on the basis of actual expenditure. All arrangements for the visit are the responsibility of the host department.

Lectureships may be held in any non-clinical department or faculty. Awards are made with the expectation that the nominee will be available to give the lecture during the award year. Deferrals will be considered in exceptional circumstances and allowed for a maximum of one year, after which period a new application will need to be submitted.

Lectureships are awarded on a competitive basis and must be submitted via Heads of Division. Heads of Division are asked to indicate an order of priority where more than one application is submitted in order to assist the Board in its selection decisions. A panel will therefore be convened from within the division to review applications and to determine a priority order, to be put forward for endorsement by Divisional Board prior to submission to the Board of Management of the Astor Travel Fund. The proposed criteria against which applications will be considered are shown in Appendix 1 overleaf. We would also encourage departments to give consideration to diversity in identifying candidates, and to comment on this in their submission.

If a potential lecturer’s visit would be of interest to other disciplines, the proposed host department should discuss this with other relevant departments prior to submission of the recommendation.

An application form should be completed in respect of each proposed visiting lecturer (see below). Departments should send completed applications by Friday 21 September 2018 to Fiona Groenhout (fiona.groenhout@socsci.ox.ac.uk). If the Faculty submits more than one application, the Dean will rank these proposals so that this information can be considered by the divisional panel.

Proposed ranking criteria to be used by the Social Sciences Division in connection with Astor Visiting Lectureships:
1. Degree of academic distinction
2. Linkage (through lectures, seminars, workshops, etc.)
2.1 Intra-departmental
2.2 Inter-departmental
2.3 Inter-college
2.4 Inter-divisional
3. Amount of collaborative work to be undertaken
4. Strategic fit with the division

An application form should be completed in respect of each proposed visiting lecturer.

Division deadline: 21st September 2018

Faculty deadline: 3rd September 2018

Faculty deadline first draft review: 27th August 2018

Faculty deadline expression of interest: 20th August 2018

Please talk to Karen, Elizabeth or your Centre Administrator if you would like to apply.