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I decided to enrol in the Magister Juris in 2015, deeply convinced that my experience in Oxford would be unique. With the benefit of hindsight, it is safe to say it fulfilled all my expectations. The program features high-level lectures, seminars and conferences on every subject of law one can be interested in. However, what makes the MJur truly original in comparison to LLM degrees around the world is the tutorial system: a one-hour (and often informally longer) meeting with one of the best-known Professors in a given field of studies, several times a term, to exchange views on legal issues. The College system is also unique: Colleges form small social units inside the University, in which one can live, dine, play sports and more generally socialise with various people from other horizons than law. I can only encourage prospective students to apply and enjoy what will for sure be one of the most intellectually stimulating years of their lives – in fact, I liked it so much that I decided to stay!