Dominic Aitken

DPhil Criminology

ThesisRisk management approaches to suicide prevention in prisons and immigration removal centres'

Jasmina Arnez

DPhil Criminology and Criminal Justice

ThesisInstitutional Responses to Youth Deviance and Parenting Styles: Exploring the Lived Experience of Social Class in Criminological Theory and Practice

Robert Blakey

DPhil Criminology

Thesis: Sentencing the brain:  How might neurocriminology shape attitudes towards punishment?  

Matthew Bostrom

DPhil Criminology

Thesis: Criminology: Increasing Police Trust and Legitimacy

Luke A Buckley

DPhil Criminology

ThesisThe will to punish:  Discipline, Law and Order in a British School

Emma Burtt

DPhil Criminology

ThesisThe prison experience and coping mechanisms of the wrongfully convicted

Chloe Deambrogio

DPhil Criminology

ThesisThe Medicalization of the American Death Penalty: A Foucauldian Analysis of Medical Power in the Post-Gregg Era

Arushi Garg

Dphil Law

ThesisAttrition in Rape Cases in Delhi

Alice Gerlach

DPhil Criminology

ThesisThe effectiveness of immigration detention centres in preparing detainees for release or removal: A study of detention centre conditions  and outcomes

Lyndon Harris

DPhil Criminology

ThesisConsistency in sentencing: What is it and can it be achieved through the use of sentencing guidelines?

Mia Harris

DPhil Criminology​

ThesisQueer in the Prison?: What Does it Mean to be 'Out' Inside?

Brett Hartley

DPhil Criminology​ (Part-time)

ThesisResponding to transitional justice trade-offs for multi-national corporate complicity

Rory Kelly

DPhil Criminology

Thesis: Preventive Justice or Preventing Justice? Reassessing Civil Preventive Orders.

Richard Martin

DPhil Criminology

Thesis'Returning to the Patten report's central proposition'; Human Rights, policing and community confidence in Northern Ireland

Tim Metcalfe

DPhil Criminology (part time)

Thesis: Coordination, collaboration or integration? Adapting the organisation of policing to 21st century challenges

Jenna Milani

DPhil Criminology

ThesisPolice Violence and the Maintenance of Public Sentiment: Why do the public continue to support the police?  An attribution theory approach.

Cian O'Concubhair

DPhil Criminology

ThesisCulture, Values, Knowledge & Regulation in the Crime Reporting Process?, an ethnography of crime journalism & its place in the criminal justice system

Maayan Ravid

DPhil Criminology

Thesis: Border Criminologies - Ethnic conflict in light of migration through the study of asylum criminalization and legal exclusionary practices in Israel

Arthur Rizer 

DPhil Criminology (Part-Time)

ThesisTo investigate whether a relationship exists between characteristics of individuals that police forces hire and instances of police misconduct

Emily Ross

DPhil Criminology

ThesisLosing paradise: A comparative analysis of globalising gang control in the Caribbean

Nicholas Santis

DPhil Criminology (part time)

Thesis:Judicial Criminology and the Practice of Punishment

Leila Tai

DPhil Criminology

Thesis: Over reacting and under performing: The effectiveness of reactive sentencing provisions and the exercise of judicial discretion

Amy Taylor

DPhil Criminology

Thesis: A new model for youth justice? Exploring the theoretical principles underpinning the latest round of reforms to the youth justice system

Laura Tilt

DPhil Criminology

ThesisWrongful conviction - "The aftermath of wrongful conviction: recovering from criminal stigma"

Kate West

DPhil Criminology

ThesisAlterity: an ethical interpretation of the mug shot

Rachel Wechsler

DPhil Criminology

Thesis:Understanding the factors that impact sex trafficking victims willingness to testify