Dominic Aitken, DPhil Criminology

Thesis: Risk management approaches to suicide prevention in prisons and immigration removal centres'

Jasmina Arnez, DPhil Criminology and Criminal Justice

Thesis: Institutional Responses to Youth Deviance and Parenting Styles: Exploring the Lived Experience of Social Class in Criminological Theory and Practice

Diana Batchelor, DPhil Criminology 

Thesis: What do victims want from offenders?...and what do they get?

Robert Blakey, DPhil Criminology

Thesis: Sentencing the brain:  How might neurocriminology shape attitudes towards punishment?  

Matthew Bostrom, DPhil Criminology

Thesis: Increasing Police Trust and Legitimacy Through Normative Alignment

Douglas Brand, DPhil Criminology (Part-time)

Thesis: An examination of the approach to police reform from the perspective of serving police officers in the National Police Service of Kenya

Luke A Buckley, DPhil Criminology

Thesis: What is called schooling?

Emma Burtt, DPhil Criminology

Thesis: The prison experience and coping mechanisms of the wrongfully convicted

Chloe Deambrogio, DPhil Criminology

Thesis: The Medicalization of the American Death Penalty: A Foucauldian Analysis of Medical Power in the Post-Gregg Era

Anya Eber, DPhil Criminology

Thesis: Policing the Illicit Antiquities Trade: Understanding the Role of Law Enforcement in Cultural Heritage Protection

Arushi Garg, DPhil Law

Thesis: Attrition in Rape Cases in Delhi

Lyndon Harris, DPhil Criminology

Thesis: Structured judicial discretion:  Reconceptualising the concept of consistency in sentencing.

Mia Harris, DPhil Criminology​

Thesis: Queer in the Prison?: What Does it Mean to be 'Out' Inside?

Brett Hartley, DPhil Criminology​ (Part-time)

Thesis: Responding to transitional justice trade-offs for multi-national corporate complicity

Rashid Ismail, DPhil Criminology

Thesis: The Effectivness of the Universal Periodic Review Mechanism in Restricting the Inpostition of the Death Penalty

Rory Kelly, DPhil Criminology

Thesis: Preventive Justice or Preventing Justice? Reassessing Civil Preventive Orders.

Zarek Khan, DPhil Criminology (Part-time)

Thesis: An English longitudinal study of men and women's experiences of imprisonment and their reintegration into society

Elizabeth Kullmann, DPhil Criminology

Thesis: Penal Power and Bordered Identity in England and Wales: Polish Prisoner Perspectives.

Astrid Lambregts, DPhil Criminology (Part-time)

Thesis: The criminal justice response to female intimate partner abusers in England and Wales

Caitlyn McGeer, DPhil Criminology

Thesis: Policing in the Digital Era: An Analysis of Modern Slavery

Tim Metcalfe, DPhil Criminology (Part-time)

Thesis: Coordination, collaboration or integration? Adapting the organisation of policing to 21st century challenges

Jenna Milani, DPhil Criminology

Thesis: Police Violence and the Maintenance of Public Sentiment: Why do the public continue to support the police?  An attribution theory approach.

Cian O'Concubhair, DPhil Criminology

Thesis: Culture, Values, Knowledge & Regulation in the Crime Reporting Process?, an ethnography of crime journalism & its place in the criminal justice system

Maayan Ravid, DPhil Criminology

Thesis: Border Criminologies - Ethnic conflict in light of migration through the study of asylum criminalization and legal exclusionary practices in Israel

Arthur Rizer, DPhil Criminology (Part-Time)

Thesis: Watching the Watchmen: How Do the Police View their Monopoly of Violence Over the Protected and Served?

Emily Ross, DPhil Criminology

Thesis: Gangs on the Grapevine: Understanding Bermudian Identity through Crime Talk.

Nicholas Santis, DPhil Criminology (part time)

Thesis:Judicial Criminology and the Practice of Punishment

Leila Tai, DPhil Criminology

Thesis: Exploring and explaining the Australian Instinctive Synthesis model of sentencing.

Amy Taylor, DPhil Criminology

Thesis: A new model for youth justice? Exploring the theoretical principles underpinning the latest round of reforms to the youth justice system

Laura Tilt, DPhil Criminology

Thesis: The Aftermath of Wrongful Convictions:  Addressing the Needs of the Wrongfully Convicted in England and Wales

Rachel Wechsler, DPhil Criminology

Thesis: Understanding the factors that impact sex trafficking victims willingness to testify

Kate West, DPhil Criminology

Thesis: What Was Criminology? From Photography to Painting in Cesare Lombroso’s (1835-1909) Criminal Anthropology.