The Bonavero Institute Early Career Fellowship Programme (non-stipendiary programme) encourages post-doctoral researchers or other early career researchers engaged in the broad field of human rights law to undertake their research at the Bonavero Institute of Human Rights.

The programme is specifically designed for early career researchers who plan a period of self-directed study, who have secured funding to carry out their research. Graduate students, whether at doctoral or master’s level, are not eligible for this programme, and we suggest you look at the University of Oxford’s website detailing the recognised student scheme.  

Early Career Fellows will have the opportunity to participate in many of the activities of the Institute and are encouraged to contribute to the collegial research environment. Early Career Fellows will be entitled to make use of the University’s research facilities and libraries, and to attend seminars and lectures plus other academic gatherings open to the university community.

Early Career Fellows will be allocated a a ‘sponsor’ who will be a member of the Institute or one of its Academic Affiliates. You may seek to identify a suitable sponsor in your application if you wish. Though your sponsor is available for general advice, it is not the intention of this scheme to provide mentorship or supervision.

Once you have the support of a sponsor, please read the guidelines and download and complete the Early Career Fellowship Programme application form and send to the Institute Administrator.

The Institute cannot make applications for visas on behalf of Visitors but will provide the necessary documentation to confirm a stay as Visitor to the Institute. Appropriate visas must be obtained before arrival. For useful information regarding the type of visa you need to apply for a visit, please read this leaflet.