The Bonavero Institute Expression, Political Rights, Privacy and Information Technology (EPPIT) Ideas Graduate Research Group is a meeting of DPhil students and researchers interested in freedom of expression, political rights, privacy, and information technology. It is held twice a term at the Bonavero Institute. Researchers are encouraged to set the agenda by submitting one-page abstracts in advance of the meeting describing an idea they would like to discuss, a question they are grappling with or a proposal for a collaborative activity. The meeting then provides an opportunity for presenters to expand on their abstracts and seek comments, advice, recommendations or agreement for a future event. 

The meetings are a collaborative opportunity to generate DPhil-led speaker events, roundtable discussions, work-in-progress seminars, and collaboration on publications including blog posts, policy documents and articles, hosted at the Bonavero Institute.

The group also participates in conversations on the EPPIT WebLearn forum, where abstracts and agendas for meetings are posted as well as events and reading recommendations. The forum posts are only viewable by group members.

Researchers interested in joining the group should contact Oliver Butler for more information: