Call for EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account funding

The EPSRC IAA Partnerships scheme and Technology Fund are now open for applications.  

The guidance document is available to download from the MPLS EPSRC IAA webpage.

Funder deadline for receipt of applications: 12 noon on Tuesday 29 May 2018 (for projects starting after 1st September 2018).

Faculty 1st draft review: Monday 14th May 2018

EOI: Monday 7th May 2018  

Partnerships: Flexible scheme to promote interaction between Oxford researchers and research users in non-academic organisations through the provision of small grants (typically between £30k and £75k). Full time secondments as well as partnerships involving part-time working with an external organisation (e.g. one day a week over a period of three, six or twelve months) are welcomed, depending on the needs of the project. Partnership grants can also be used to enable PIs to work directly with users to inform the design of an EPSRC research grant proposal, thereby ensuring research questions and/or the format of research outputs are more relevant to users and thus more likely to be impactful.

Technology fund: Technology Development Grants to develop new technologies to the point where they are suitable for follow on support from other sources (e.g. Oxford University Innovation (OUI) translational funding) or for commercial exploitation (e.g. capital investment for spinning out, licensing deals etc.), or Impact Delivery Grants to transfer knowledge, whose take-up will provide benefits to users but will not necessarily generate a financial return to the University (e.g. applications for NHS and other public bodies, NGOs, etc.).

We are particularly keen to encourage applications for Impact Delivery Grants and for Partnerships grants to enable interaction between Oxford researchers and research users in non-academic organisations.