European Business Regulation: the Law of the EU's Internal Market

This course focuses on the law of the internal market, paying particular attention to rules which aim to create a ‘level playing field’ across multiple jurisdictions. The emphasis is on examination of the internal market of the European Union, covering the law of free movement across borders (goods, establishment and services), as well as competence to regulate the internal market, with special reference to the function of harmonisation of laws. 

Such rules exist in relation to internal markets across the globe, including Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. Where relevant, reference will also be made to business regulation in these locations so as to highlight similarities and differences in the approach to de-regulation and harmonisation (re-regulation) in the attempt to manage borders.

Topics covered

Some or all of selected topics in: consumer law, company law, competition law, discrimination and equality law, energy law, intellectual property, labour law, e-commerce and digital markets, environmental law, public procurement, state aids law, tax law will be addressed.