For 2021, there is a hard deadline of Wednesday 30 June for teaching returns where payment is due for over stint and emergency additional teaching.  Teaching returns can be submitted after that date, but over stint payments cannot be processed for late submissions. 


The key features of the Annual Teaching Return system are:

Stint units

  • You can check your (university) teaching stint for the current academic year, and see the adjustments made to take account of all known leave, buyouts and remission. 
  • The system already holds information about any Faculty Officer roles you hold that may have an impact on your stint (depending on how you have used your allowances). 


  • If most of your teaching hasn’t changed much from last year, you can copy it all over from last year at the push of a button.   
  • You can also easily copy one individual entry, if for example you did the same teaching in two different terms, or there were different numbers of people leading different seminars within the same series. 
  • As you enter your teaching, the system automatically calculates the stint value of different types of teaching for you.   
  • You should indicate repeat sessions with our new tick box for this purpose (i.e. if you’ve taught the same seminar twice)  
  • You are asked to let us know if your teaching was delivered in person or on-line, and if on-line, as a live session or delivered as a pre-recorded session.

Please enter all of your Faculty teaching, including all BCL/MJur tutorials, and any Jurisprudence mini-option teaching that you wish to count against your Faculty stint.

If you are in doubt about what you can count against stint, please refer to what can be counted against your Faculty teaching stint (SSO required). 

If you did something that is approved to count against stint but you can’t work out how to enter it, please e-mail


  • You can see the record we hold of the supervision you’ve done this year. [NB not yet loaded for 2020-21]
  • You can opt to count this supervision against your stint, or not.  (Doing so increases your overall stint obligation – see our page on stint obligation for more information – section b)
  • If you have any queries about what you can see in this section, please refer them to in the first instance.

Review and submit return

  • You can view the summary reports at any time. 
  • When you’ve finished entering your teaching and checked it, please submit your return by pressing the big green button at the end. 
  • At the end of your return, you are also reminded to check your publications on your profile page on the Faculty website, please. 


  • You are provided with a summary that you can check after you have completed your return, and/or download for your records. 
  • You will automatically be paid at the standard Senior Tutors’ Committee rates (for 4 in a group) for any BCL/MJur tutorials that you have taught over stint.


  • View details of your Faculty Officer roles. 
  • Check your Teaching Group membership(s).
  • Add notes or further information – for example any reasons why you might be over or under stint, such as strike action, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, remission due to a research grant, etc.  

Your return will be reviewed by the Dean and Vice Dean later in the summer, and we may contact you to discuss your return in more detail if we have any concerns

Special changes made to the Teaching Return database for 2020/2021

Some changes have been made to the intranet teaching administration system for teaching returns.  Some are designed to make it easier and faster to enter returns; some are in response to feedback after last year’s returns; and others to record data on the changing nature of teaching online.

There are four main additions on the screen to add a teaching return entry:

New data on teaching given online is being collected – please mark these as either pre-recorded (video recorded in advance and uploaded) or given live online.

The same seminar given live twice to two different groups of students (e.g. to cater for students in very different time zones) can also be recorded by ticking the “Duplicate class” box. This will add 50% of the stint value of the original seminar.

A new text field has been added to describe information about seminars that had more than one person leading but where the distribution of was uneven e.g. if one person was doing most of the leading. Please describe that in this new field.

Different teaching delivery methods for seminars can now be recorded in one go on the same form:
Add a second seminar entry by clicking “Add second seminar entry”.
Use this if some seminars within the same subject course were delivered in a different format or by a different number of people.
E.g. 4 seminars shared between 2 leaders and 4 given by one person alone can now be recorded on the same form in one go.

NB: Teaching returns will be split up into separate entries and should you need to make further changes to any of them, after you have pressed the complete button, you will need to go in to edit them individually.