Once you have logged in ( www.law.ox.ac.uk/user ) you should be at the profile management screen:

From here you can edit your biographical profile - click on PROFILE


edit or add new publications - click on PUBLICATIONS


Edit your Profile

(You can also get to/edit this page by navigating to your profile on the main Faculty website if you are already logged in.)

If you are logged in, there are three options displayed on your profile page, above your bibliographic information:

  • VIEW: lets you see how your profile appears to the outside world
  • EDIT: allows you to make changes to your profile
  • REVISIONS: allows you to look back and see who has changed your profile, what changes were made and gives you the possibility of reverting to a previous version of your profile




The "Basic profile information" contains the basic building blocks used to create your profile. Fill in the template as appropriate - your first name and surname should already be filled in.

Your "Primary Affiliation" should have been filled in automatically - but please add it to this field if it is not already there. It willl appear in a prominent position on your profile page below your photograph. This Primary Affiliation should normally be the location in which you are based during the day and the address for this location will usually appear automatically on your profile page.

You may also wish to add "Additional affiliations" such as your college if this was not your primary affiliation.

(Research Projects and programmes go on your "Interests" tab and should be listed using the "Profile admin" section)


The main thing to fill in is the "Biography" field. This is where the main content of your page will come from.
Please refer to yourself in the third person.


A field at the bottom of the screen allows you to upload your own photograph: click the "Browse" button and select your photograph to upload it. 

Profile photographs should be square and have a resolution of at least 350x350 pixels.

If you would like help with cropping your photograph to the correct size, please email it to web.support@law.ox.ac.uk.

You can also contact web.support@law.ox.ac.uk to arrange to come in to the Faculty for a new photograph to be taken.

Other Information related to your profile

Items that can only be changed by Faculty Office Admin
Job title/ Degree being studied
(This is the blue text that appears below your name on your profile page)
This can only be changed by Faculty Office Admin - please email web.support@law.ox.ac.uk if your post title or the name of the course that you are studying needs to be changed.
Person Classification
Once you have logged on to the system via SSO your profile will be available on the internet in the format:
However, your classification needs to be added in order for your profile to appear within the lists of people within the Law Faculty website. 
Person classifications include: Graduate research student, Faculty member, Staff, Researcher, Visiting Professor etc.
These classifications need to be assigned by Faculty Office Admin - please email web.support@law.ox.ac.uk.

Access control:

Research students who wish their profile to only be seen by logged-in members of the University (i.e. not be publicly available) should email web.support@law.ox.ac.uk to have access restrictions added to their record.

(It is expected that all Faculty Members and administrative staff will have profiles that are publicly available.)


These will appear on your "Interests" tab. Please notify the administrator of the Programme or Project to ask them to add you to that site and you will then appear on their site and that site will appear as an "Interest" on your profile.




Select a theme (or possibly more than one theme) that represent(s) your main area of activity. 

(Click the 'x' at the end to delete any unwanted ones)

The categories you choose here will determine which theme(s) you appear within on the 'Theme' filter on the 'People' pages: 






Interests tab

The "Interests" tab on your profile page can hold four sections. If none of these are filled in then this tab will not appear on your profile.


These four sections are:




Please notify the administrator of the Programme or Project to ask them to add you to that site.



"Research Interests" are added back on the "Profile" tab - in the "Research interests" field



"Options taught" are added in the "Options taughtfield - also on the  "Profile" tab and should include core courses as well as options. 

N.B. This information about the options you are teaching is just for use on your web page, should be maintained by you and is not linked with any Faculty lists for subject teaching group membership