In March 2020 prisons in the UK put in a place a restricted regime in order to mitigate against the risks of Covid-19 within prisons. Social visits were cancelled with immediate effect. Children who experience parental imprisonment suffer a number of harms during 'normal' times and therefore to experience parental imprisonment without the possibility of face to face visits in the midst of a pandemic during which children were also experiencing lockdown in their homes, seemed likely to amplify those harms and difficulties. 

Although my focus is on child centric research it was not thought right to engage directly with children during lockdown, so instead adults caring for children with an imprisoned parents were invited to fill in an anonymous questionnaire and to take part in a video interview about the experiences of the child(ren) they looked after. 

In addition people working in services which supported children with an imprisoned parent in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, took part in online interviews.