This scheme is part of the University’s Research Councils UK Catalyst Seed Fund Award, which aims to improve institutional support for Public Engagement with Research. Grants are typically expected to be around £1,000 to £2,500.


The Principal Applicant must be a researcher employed by the University of Oxford (co-applicants can include other researchers, research students, teaching staff; public engagement officers and research facilitators).


Applications are welcome to this internal grants scheme to support:

  1. Developing/ piloting new Public Engagement with Research activities;

  2. Improving existing Public Engagement with Research activity;

  3. Collecting robust evidence of the value, outcomes or impact of existing Public Engagement with Research activity.


Please allow sufficient time for your application to be reviewed and amended at each stage. This will allow us to support you more effectively and ensure that your proposal is ready for formal submission.

Law Faculty Deadline11th April 2016
Law Faculty Deadline for first draft for review5th April 2016
Law Faculty deadline for initial expression of interest1st April 2016