In April 2015, OTJR together with the Swiss NGO, Fondation Hirondelle, and the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, launched a new project to produce an innovative online media platform – JusticeInfo.Net.

JusticeInfo.Net draws together the expertise of academics and journalists in the field of Transitional Justice (TJ) in order to more effectively inform TJ policy-making and practice. In doing so, it combines real time journalistic coverage, policy advice and academic analysis of TJ processes on a global scale. JusticeInfo.Net is a resource for the general public, local media, policy-makers and practitioners, helping them to engage with and tailor justice initiatives to meet both local needs and the constraints of political decision making. Since 1995, Fondation Hirondelle has created and supported numerous independent and civic- minded media in conflict zones; they, with their network of more than 220 local journalists, provide the reporting for the platform. OTJR contribute academic analysis of ongoing events and mechanisms, and provide contextual and comparative reports. This long-term project reflects and enhances OTJR's profile at the intersection of academia and practice. It guarantees wide-readership for scholarly output by members of the group and creates a new form of collaboration between the academy and transitional justice journalism and reporting.

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