Ever since the subject of labour law was created in Oxford by Professor Sir Otto Kahn-Freund, there has been a thriving group of scholars and researchers.  Currently scholars working and teaching in the Oxford law faculty in the field include Alan Bogg, Hugh Collins, Catherine Costello, ACL Davies, Sandy Fredman, and Jeremias Prassl.  Recent collaborative projects have led to such publications as: The Autonomy of Labour Law and EU Law in the Member States: Viking, Laval and Beyond and Migrants at Work: Immigration and Vulnerability in Labour Law (Oxford University Press 2014). These are all listed below.

A current major collaborative project under the guidance of Emeritus Professor Mark Freedland is entitled The Contract of Employment at Work, which will be published by OUP in 2016.


  • A Bogg, C Costello, A Davies and J Adams-Prassl (eds), The Autonomy of Labour Law (Hart | Bloomsbury 2015)
    Reviewed: B Mak (2015) 44 ILJ 289; R Dukes (2015) CLL&PJ 223; A Morton (2016) 54 BJIR 451;

    To what extent is labour law an autonomous field of study? This book is based upon the papers written by a group of leading international scholars on this theme, delivered at a conference to mark Professor Mark Freedland's retirement from his teaching fellowship in Oxford. The chapters explore the boundaries and connections between labour law and other legal disciplines such as company law, competition law, contract law and public law; labour law and legal methodologies such as reflexive governance and comparative law and labour law and other disciplines such as ethics, economics and political philosophy. In so doing, it represents a cross-section of the most sophisticated current work at the cutting edge of labour law theory.
    ISBN: 9781849466219
  • M Freedland and J Adams-Prassl (eds), EU Law in the Member States: Viking, Laval and Beyond (Hart 2014)
    Reviewed: N Reich (2015) 52 CMLRev 1135; A Ludlow (2015) 74 CLJ 361; JS Bergé [2015] RTDEur xv; S Lachnit et al (2015) 5 SEW 266; C Unseld (2016) EULawBlog; R Zahn (2016) 41 ELRev 440; K Ewing (2016) 132 LQR 683.

    Paperback 2016

    EU Law in the Member States is a new series dedicated to exploring the impact of landmark CJEU judgments and secondary legislation in legal systems across the European Union. Each book will be written by a team of generalist EU lawyers and experts in the relevant field, bringing together perspectives from a wide range of different Member States in order to compare and analyse the effect of EU law on domestic legal systems and practice.

    The first volume focuses on the uneasy relationship between the economic freedoms enshrined in Articles 49 and 56 TFEU and the right of workers to take collective action. This conflict has been at the forefront of EU labour law since the CJEU's much-discussed decisions in C-438/05 Viking and C-341/04 Laval, as well as the Commission's more recent attempts at legislative reforms in the failed Monti II Regulation. Viking, Laval and Beyond explores judicial and legislative responses to these measures in 10 Member States, and finds that the impact on domestic legal systems has been much more varied than traditional accounts of EU law would suggest.

    ISBN: 9781849466240