Flagship Events at the Bonavero Institute

Litigation as a tool for the promotion and protection of human rights has been employed in jurisdictions all over the world in recent decades.  Yet the question when litigation will be an apt tool for promoting human rights continues to be debated, as does the question what impact that litigation has. This conversation series will invite legal practitioners who have litigated human rights in different jurisdictions around the world, including national and supranational courts, to explore in a public conversation a range of questions relating to the role and value of litigation in the promotion and protection of human rights. 

In convening this series of conversations, the Bonavero Institute of Human Rights hopes to foster robust and open conversations about some of the most important questions for constitutional and human rights lawyers everywhere. It seeks as well to foster conversations between scholars engaged in human rights research and practitioners engaged in litigating rights.

The series will run in tandem with the Bonavero Institute’s Adjudicating Rights conversation series in which judges are asked to reflect upon the role of the judiciary in protecting and promoting rights in their jurisdictions.  The Litigating Rights series, like the Adjudicating Rights series, should deepen our understanding of the role that law can play in protecting and promoting human rights.

Each term a litigator will be invited to participate in this series, just as in each term a judge is invited to participate in the Adjudicating Rights series.  The conversations are audio-recorded and, where consent is obtained, are published to the web.